Take This Quiz To Know If Your Girlfriend Still Likes You After A Break-Up

Take This Quiz To Know If Your Girlfriend Still Likes You After A Break-Up

You are done with a bad phase in your life and looking for a patch-up with your ex. Relationships are complex. Everyone does not have parallel thoughts. It is easier to get into strife now and then. Emotions play a great part in relationships. Frequent disagreement may create a lasting conflict and this has been the case with you too. As time passes you realize that you have fought over petty issues and it is time to say sorry and patch-up. But since you are not sure whether your ex still likes you, you may need the Does she like me Quiz

How to know if she likes you?

  • You are apprehensive to approach your girl since you know it was your fault. 
  • You are right, you are feeling sorry for your actions.
  • Sometimes anger overtakes all other emotions and spoils relationships.
  • But, you cannot hesitate to approach, because you still like her. If you want to continue your relationship you have to take the next step.
  • If you know your girlfriend well, it is easier to find out if she likes you still. You may want to ask yourself the question Does she like me based on the quiz.
  • It will give you hints on whether she is still affected by the incident that separated you.

Can you still feel the love?

  • To patch-up is your opinion and you don’t know whether the same feeling exists on the other side. You have to find out if love is still in the air. How she reacts when you first approach her with a sorry is an indicator.
  • If she avoids you, yes she will, and why not? You have hurt her and this is her reaction. Wait for some time before you decide otherwise. It isn’t easier to fix broken glass, isn’t it?
  • If she likes you, after a few initial meetings, she will give you hints. Don’t miss to identify them. When she starts listening, you are half done. It means she has decided to give you a chance.

The transition from like to love

Can you take your relationship from like to love? Yes, it is possible when your relationship is healthy. A relationship built on trust and mutual understanding can remain strong for a long time. 

When silence speaks louder than words, it means you have great compatibility. This is required in any relationship. You don’t have to speak volumes to make your partner understand you. It comes as a natural feeling.

When you know you like someone and know them for a long, you can make good partners. The transition from like to love can work wonders for you. If you like somebody, it means you respect their feelings and treat them like you. Will you hurt yourself? Think!!

What to avoid in a relationship?

There are certain things that you should avoid in any relationship to avoid toxicity. Do you know too much love spoils a relationship? Let me tell you how.

When you fall head over heels for someone, you become possessive. You want them to be with you, talk to you, and care about you at all times. This can be a spoiler.

Also, always remember that ‘three is a crowd’. When you let a third person in your relationship, you are bound to weaken the roots of your bonding. They may have a different opinion regarding things but that should not interfere with your association.

At any point in time, don’t take hasty decisions that may make you repent later. 

Enjoy the warmth of the wonderful feeling called love. Don’t forget to take the Does she like me quiz here, by the way.