29th June Events: Things To Know About Today’s Events

29th June Events

There are plenty of events to celebrate on the 29th of June than you can expect. Just like any other day, the 29th June events are also worth celebrating. Celebration of the events is all about finding some precious time out of your schedule and spending that with friends, family, or sometimes, by yourself. So, the 29th of June comes with lots of such celebration-worthy events. For example, it’s the day that’s famous as National Handshake Day, National Camera Day, International Mud Day, and others. 

If you are curious about the 29th of June’s events, then you are at the right place. So, in this article, we shall provide you with all the details that you need to know about the June 29 events, and also give you a few tips as to how to celebrate those events.

Here Are The Events Of June 29 

Every day is special in its own way for sure. Therefore, it’s important to make each day count and celebrate the events in fine fashion. So, just like that, it’s June 29 today, and that means it’s a brand new day full of amazing events. If you want to know about the events of the 29th of June, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will share all the stuff you need to know about the events of the 29th of June. 

1. National Handshake Day

So, first of all, June 29 is famous as National Handshake Day. It’s a day when you should show the simple courtesy of shaking hands. So, it’s a pretty common and formal way to greet someone. In fact, it’s also one of the most common forms of communication in many parts of the world, and in many cultures. So, on this day, you could learn a few facts regarding shaking hands. In addition, when you greet someone today, make sure to shake hands and remind them that it’s National Handshake Day. 

National Handshake Day

2. World Industrial Design Day

The world wouldn’t have been the same place without the industrial designers. Their continuous vision and service provide people with the best tools. So, it’s an event on the 29th of June that’s solely dedicated to all the industrial designers all around the world. If you too want to observe this day, then you could find out more about the kind of work the industrial designers do. 

3. International Mud Day

So, while it’s true that June is the beginning of summer, in many parts of the globe, it’s the beginning of monsoon as well. Monsoon and mud are the words that go side by side. So, it’s worth noting that the 29th of June is famous as International Mud Day. There are lots of ways to enjoy this day, such as watching mud wrestling videos. Moreover, you could also get dirty in the mud. 

International Mud Day

4. National Bomb Pop Day

Next up, the 29th of June is also famous as National Bomb Pop Day in the USA. According to the reports, the Bomb Pop is a refreshing and tasty popsicle. This red, white, and blue popsicle will surely bring you straight back to your childhood. In other words, it’s a perfect refreshing popsicle for summer. 

Hug Holiday

5. Hug Holiday

Last but not least, the 29th of June is also quite popular as Hug Holiday. So, just as the name suggests, it’s a day to hug your favorite people. For example, if you didn’t express your gratitude, or love to your parents or loved one, then this is the day to do. Everyone can celebrate the day as Hug Holiday because it’s a simple act of showing love and assurance. 

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