Who is Candii Kayn? Wiki, Early Life, Hobbies, Education and Net Worth

Candii Kayn

Candii Kayn is a popular Twitch streamer. Twitch is an American live video streaming service that shows video games, sports, and other entertainment. Candii is now an American singer who has been on television. Such as E.R. and The O.C., as well as classics such as Transformer or Piranha 3DD.

She became well-known as an internet star on the popular streaming site YouTube. This was after the launch of her channel and the recording of her weight-loss journey. Candii shoots her daily activities, such as meals or spending some time among family and friends. In this article we will be talking about her wiki, early life and other interesting facts.

Who is Candii Kayn?

Candii Kayn is a popular American YouTuber & social media personality. She is famous for her beauty and cosmetic tips videos. She also posts daily vlogs on her online life as a young lady. Her core audience includes young females who are drawn to fashion and lifestyle.

Candii was born on May 1, 1987, in Manchester, England. At the age of thirteen years old, she rose to fame. She is 5’7 tall and has brown hair and black eyes. In 2005, she setup with a fashion company in both New York and Italy. Brazilian Girl across Door was her first big magazine feature. In 2007, she walked the Michael Collections as well as Saint Laurent runways.

School and College

She is a former University of Washington student. She also works with the Dance San Jose group in San Jose on top of her studies. The work has been shown on ESPN as well as Fox News Latino. She has also been on American Idol as well as Dance with the Stars.

Candii was quite a dancer on tour with Misty Johnson before coming in second place on So You Believe You Can Dance. As a former pro dancer and athlete in high school in England, her skills were both technical and visual style.

Bullet skull, a digital dance studio, was co-founded by her. This gave her the chance to follow her passion for dance training while still having an impact for her community.

Early Life of Candii

Candii is a London, England-born American actress and singer. She began singing when she was nine years old. She has been in songs for well-known artists including Usher & Chris Brown. Candii. In addition of her music career, she made has been on different television shows, like Touched from an Angel and Jersey. When she’s not working or performing, she travels the globe with her family.

Candii Kayn

She was also cast as one of Steve Wonder’s daughters on a daily basis. The show, however, only ran one season due to the low viewership. Kayn’s efforts led to two further television roles in 2018.

In the C.W. show ‘Black Lightning,’ she plays Jennifer. She was then cast as Roxanne in the Miniseries Insatiable. Candii Kayn does not have a personal social media presence, but she is active on her business ones. This include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you may see photos of her ongoing work and hobbies.

Before Fame

She began her online profile around 2014 and currently has more 49K followers. She has also made Super Carina Videos online. Her Instagram posts include trip ideas for friends as well as beauty advice for everyday life.

Kayn left university from Brookline High School in 2005. She then spent six years at North-eastern University, where she got her degree. She continue her classes at the University even after she left college.

This led her to create additional Internet content, such as videos, vlogs, and even live streams. Such as her trips to Disney World with YouTube stars Evan Tube HD & Do It for Love Media. Her videos were popular among both new and experienced Vloggers due to their relevance and fun factor.

Family and Relationships

Candii Kayn is the daughter of John and Anne Kayn. Her dad, John, is a famous real estate investor in Philadelphia. He also built Kayn Properties Inc. Her brothers and mother, Anne, are less well-known than she is. Her 2 younger brothers, Brendan and Carson, are very close to her.

She grew up in a suburban setting before going to York somewhere at age of 33 to follow a fashion and acting career. She went on to complete Harvard University but left out after a year to focus solely on her career. Her parents is not as wealthy as hers, however they are comfortable. They are well-known real estate investors in both New York and Philadelphia.

Kayn worked at a Cell retail store called 360 Buy during high school then went Midwestern College online part-time. She left her jobs in 2014 to perform on So You Believe You Can Dance alongside Jonathan JT Taylor.

Candii hasn’t yet given any information. She is single, content with her life, & likes sharing images on her Profile page. She began working in 2011 and she’s still holding strong now. Candii is an intelligent woman who wants to do something meaningful in her life.

Kayn took a job as a fitness teacher and gym instructor in 2011. She used to work out with some well-known Hollywood celebrities, like Kate Harlow and others.


Candii Kayn, at 13, applied for Disney series Shake It Up. As a result, she got the main part and began her acting career. She got the role in the TV comedy show Santa Buddies in 2013. Also, she later appears on MTV’s Awkward as one of students.

She has also been in Nickelodeon’s The Undermans, The Haunting Hathaway, & ABC Family’s new Melissa and Joey series, all of which she co-created with Melissa Joan Hart. She announced in September 2014 that she will star in the 2015 adaption of Charlie Brown.

Net Worth

Candii Kayn net worth is thought to be $15 million. She has made a maximum of $65,000 every year and is likely to earn the same amount in 2019. She has worked for Nike and also was featured on their website’s homepage. Kayn has a YouTube channel with over 2.54 million followers.

Kayn’s income comes mostly from her popularity as a YouTube personality. Her channel, which began in 2016, has now 2.5 million views. Vlog-style content or college life are among her most popular videos. She seems to be more drawn to acting these days than beauty. In December 2017, she had a cameo role in the movie Justice League.

Hobbies and Interests

  1. Candii openly shares her love for cuisine and frequently posts pictures of delicious-looking food.
  2. Her favorite food is sushi, and she also has a soft spot for fruits such as strawberries and kiwis.
  3. In addition to sharing humorous memes that brighten people’s day, she has an infectious sense of humour.
  4. It’s clear that Candii embraces life and enjoys having fun.
  5. It’s refreshing to see a model who isn’t afraid to let loose and be silly from time to time.
  6. Candii is usually beaming with a smile, exuding a sense of joy and contentment.
  7. She aspires to create her own line of beauty products and pursue a modelling career in the future.
  8. Fluent in French, Candii also has a basic understanding of Spanish from watching TV with family and studying it briefly in middle school.
  9. When she’s not indulging in her love for food or posting memes, Candii can often be found playing basketball as the president of her school’s club team or volunteering for Habitat for Humanity as a member of the National honour Society.
  10. A gifted musician, Candii also plays the violin.
  11. Candii defines herself as passionate, a term that accurately reflects her drive and enthusiasm for life.
  12. Candii comes from a large family, with two younger twin sisters and two brothers.


Candii Kayn has all of the qualities of a true celebrity, including a lovely beauty, a lovely smile, and an excess of creativity that allows her to create original content for her fans. Candii, in addition to showing her own style, she gives cosmetics tips and vlogs, showing her multiple skills. Her honesty and openness about her life have won her a big fan base, with many fans drawn to her sincerity. To discover more about Candii read this article.

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