Find Out About The Top Celebrities With Eating Disorders

Celebrities With Eating Disorders

Every often we see celebrating coming out with stories of their personal struggles, battles, eating disorders, and much more. So, if you are here to know about celebrities with eating disorders, then you are at the right place. Apparently, in the USA, more than 30 million people everyday struggle with various kinds of disorders, and that includes celebrities as well. 

So, go through this article if you want to know about the stories of some of the renowned celebrities who have gone through eating disorders. From Angelina Jolie to Eminem, and Taylor Swift, this list has many popular names. 

This Is A List Of The Celebrities With Eating Disorders

So, as we already mentioned earlier, disorders are something that even the top celebrities have faced in their life. From eating disorders to other personal struggles, they have numerous times shared their stories. So, in this article, we shall take a look at the names of celebrities with eating disorders and also check out their stories as well. So, without further ado, it’s time to follow this article and find out all there’s to know about them. 

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

So, let us start our list with Angelina Jolie. The famous actress, Angelina Jolie, struggled with eating for most of her life as she has mentioned this numerous times in interviews. Moreover, many people also criticized her for her appearance. From magazines to tabloids, all criticized her for being thin. In fact, due to this disorder, she had to go to the hospital. The star actress had suffered from anorexia as a teenager.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Just like Angelia Jolie, Taylor Swift too had a period of tough time when she suffered from anorexia. In fact, she has also come forth with her personal struggles. So, the UK singer, Taylor Swift, in her documentary, Miss Americana, revealed that people constantly criticized her for being too thin or too big. Such comments gradually triggered her into an unhealthy cycle of non-eating as well. 

Moreover, she also said that “when I saw a picture of me where I feel like I looked like my tummy was too big, or…someone said I looked pregnant… that’ll just trigger me to just starve a little bit.” However, it seems that the Love Story singer has finally come out of that tough phase. In other words, at present, she likes to live and eat for herself and doesn’t mind what others feel about her appearance. 

3. Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen

The famous Mary Kate Olsen is also on this list of celebs with eating disorders. According to the reports, the star had anorexia. Since due to many reasons she is not under the radar right now, it’s difficult to say how she’s doing these days. 

4. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Apart from anorexia, there are celebrities in the US and UK who have gone through disorders such as binge eating and bulimia. One of them is Ed Sheeran. In an interview, Ed Sheeran opened up about his unhealthy cycle of eating. In fact, he revealed that he had an unhealthy obsession with eating lots of food. In fact, the industry often compared him to other stars, and that left a negative impact on his mind. 

Motivated by the desire to get a toned and muscular body, Ed began to eat excessively. Even now he is a binge eater, as he likes to call himself that. However, there’s a difference now- he is also a binge exerciser. He said, “If you’re eating food that you really wanna eat, but then also exercising and looking the way you kind of wanna look’- this is important. 

5. Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp, who’s recently featured in HBO’s The Idol with Weeknd and other co-stars, has opened up about her personal struggles. The actress, who’s also famous as the daughter of Johnny Depp, had suffered from anorexia as a teenager. In fact, she herself mentioned how she had to spend a lot of energy fighting this disorder of hers. Moreover, she also confessed that as a teenager, it was very difficult to deal with such a problem. 

6. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

One should also mention Hilary Duff, who had to go through a period of anorexia. The famous sitcom actress, Hilary Duff suffered from an unhealthy obsession with not eating properly. In fact, she does regret a lot about that part of her life. Due to circumstances, she was totally obsessed with everything that she put in her mouth. So, after having her baby, many media sources criticized her for her body. Currently, Hilary is doing a lot better than before. 

7. Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

So, next on our list of celebrities with eating disorders, we have the name of Zayn Malik. Although Zayn became pretty famous for his solo career and unique hairstyles, it’s true that he faced a lot of personal troubles, including eating disorders. During the times when he was a part of the group One Direction, Zayn Malik fought a battle that very few people knew about. 

He had to struggle with his anorexia. In fact, Zayn said that he would go two or sometimes even three days without eating anything. Overall, the workload and the lifestyle affected his eating habits a lot. However, Zayn finally conquered the battle and emerged victorious. 

8. Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale

So, next, we have Lucy Hale who also went through a similar problem in her childhood. According to the reports, the Pretty Little Liars actress, Lucy Hale wanted to be a Hollywood superstar but developed a terrible eating disorder. Her battle with anorexia began even before she began shooting in the TV series The Demi Lovato Show. She said, “I would just work out for hours…it wasn’t really about how I physically looked, it was because I had moved across the country. 

I just felt so completely out of control. The easiest thing you can control is the food that goes into your mouth or how much you work out.” However, it’s worth noting that over time, she had changed herself. At present, she is living a healthier and happier life. 

9. Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a very popular celebrity whom people know as a singer. In fact, his iconic and soulful music has captured the hearts of many of his listeners. However, many people are perhaps totally unaware of a problem he faced for a long time. So, throughout the majority of his life, Sam Smith struggled with his appearance and he called it body trauma. Actually, Sam suffered from body dysmorphia disorder and it’s a type of eating disorder. 

10. Jade Thirwall

Jade Thirwall

Jade Thirwall, the Little Mix star, also had a period of struggle with anorexia, an eating disorder. So, according to the sources, as a teen, Jade had to go through an intense battle with anorexia and that also affected her mental health to a great extent. However, she is on track to recovery and she’d never do that again, as she has mentioned it herself. 

11. Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello

So, Camilla Cabello also finds herself on this list of celebrities with eating disorders. Apparently, Camilla had an eating disorder back in the year 2019. What’s interesting is, she was blissfully unaware of this problem and she didn’t know that it’s a very common disorder. The actress & singer, Camilla also suffered from bulimia. She said, “I used to think that dieting was a nice, healthy way to live.”

12. Kesha


The famous pop singer from the USA, Kesha has also expressed that she had gone through a terrible time with anorexia disorder. In fact, in an article titled Rolling Stone, Kesha explained her struggles vividly. So, according to Kesha, she just couldn’t eat any food and if she did, she felt quite ashamed of herself. However, she has overcome her disorder in a way, and currently, she’s trying to lead a healthy life. 


To conclude, we can say that there are many celebrities out there who had gone through a similar eating disorder. On this list of celebrities with eating disorders, we can see how they have come out of that situation and emerged victorious in the end.

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