Your Summer Shopping Guide In Karachi


Karachi is HUGE in size and extremely populated. And, the people of Karachi are shopping enthusiast hence there are a number of shopping places in Karachi. With different classes in the city and people with different taste for shopping and shopping places, Karachi offers a variety of places to go to.
One can have many options here that would suit their budget. You can either go to a local market and design a dress for yourself by buying different pieces or if you do not have that much time on your hands, you can always go to malls and get everything in one place.
Local Markets:
For all the people who want to save money and explore the essence of old and new Karachi, here is a list of the 10 local markets in the city where you can shop at the budget and enjoy the street food in between.

  1. Zainab Market
  2. Tariq Road
  3. Qurtuba
  4. Gulf Market
  5. Ashiana
  6. Zamzama Street
  7. Gul Plaza
  8. Lighthouse
  9. Bolten Market
  10. Saddar Market

And, for the brand conscious people or those who do not want to spend their time wandering in the local markets. Below is the list of 10 shopping mall malls for you to check out for designer wear and scrumptious restaurants waiting for you to munch on them in between your shopping.

  1. Dolmen Mall Tariq Road
  2. Dolmen City
  3. Ocean Mall
  4. LuckOne Mall
  5. Millenium Mall
  6. Atrium Mall
  7. Park Towers
  8. Forum Mall
  9. Saima Pari Mall
  10.  Ashiana Shopping Mall

And, if you are someone who stays home and is habitual of online clothes shopping, make sure to visit the online clothing brands in Pakistan. Most of them offer COD as well, no online payment required.