What Do You Need to Know about Medical Tourism for Hair Transplant?

Medical Tourism

Globalization and the advancement of technology have taken us to a level where everything is accessible at the touch of a button. We are at a point in time when we can do practically anything, and that includes visiting other countries for any purpose. This has also given rise to a trend which, in today’s world, is known as medical tourism.

So, what is medical tourism, to begin with? Medical tourism can be considered as an opportunity to get the best treatment from a qualified doctor who is skilled in the procedure often at a very affordable rate, without compromising on the optimum results. Cosmetic procedures, for instance, are typically not covered by health insurance companies in most countries, and that is why medical tourism can help any patient get the best treatment within their budgetary restraints. 

Why Should You Visit a Qualified Professional?

Why Should You Visit a Qualified Professional?

It is fairly easy to get in touch with a doctor who treats the common cold, for example, but when you are looking forward to treatment for a condition such as Androgenetic Alopecia, you would have to visit a specialist. Now, since these are very niche procedures which not many doctors are skilled enough to perform, you have to visit a professional who is certified in the same.

When you are visiting the right physician, you would see that the results are more natural-looking and permanent, making them almost undetectable. Several reputable physicians all over the world perform such hair transplant surgeries, and it is your job to conduct your research and find out which surgeon matches all your requirements.

Performing Thorough Research

Since you are aware of the reason why visiting a qualified professional is important when you are going for a cosmetic procedure, we can move on to the next section. As mentioned, you would find several doctors who perform such transplant surgeries. It is completely up to you to research and find out all details about the doctor, and how he or she can help you with the best possible outcome, at a price you can afford. A checklist of the two things that you can make to help you find the best hair transplant clinic is:

  1. It Must Offer Medical Tourism: When you are researching, you might find out about various clinics that sound like the ideal one for you to pick. This might get you confused about the clinic you must consult, and who knows, also end with you making the wrong choice. A smarter option here, however, is that you choose one clinic that has medical tourism on offer. If the clinic offers medical tourism, you would be sure of a package deal where the professionals would give you a customized treatment along with a tour of the city you are in. This would solve the purpose of both the terms – medical and tourism.
  2. Qualifications of the Surgeon: As the decision of opting for medical tourism is solely based on the fact that you need a permanent solution to your condition, you cannot compromise on the qualification of the doctor performing the treatment. Check the website or speak to the professionals at the clinic over the phone thoroughly and understand the degrees the doctor(s) have, what their rates are, how many years have they been practicing, are they certified by any board and even the number of patients they have treated thus far. The doctors who are diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) should be your top priority. A bonus can be given to those who are eligible to perform the UGraft™ Punch System in their city as well.

The Warning Signs

While you are researching on the clinic to visit, you might come across several potential scammers trying to lure unknowing patients by offering them medical tourism. Contradictory information might also be something you encounter. Your work here is to figure out the scammers and only trust those who give you complete information on the subject. The three warning signs that can be treated as red lights during your research are:

  1. Professionalism: Whenever you are about to visit a different country for a medical purpose, it is always suggested that you stay aware of everything happening there. This includes the professionalism of the doctor as well. Make sure you speak to the doctor beforehand through a phone or a video call so that you are not an unknown tourist landing up at the clinic for a checkup. If you see that the doctor or the clinic uses only social media or emails as a communication platform, and refuses to discuss the case with you on call, treat it as a warning sign.
  2. Discounts: Yes, several clinics all over the world deal with medical tourism, and to lure patients to their area, they might offer discounts as well. But trust me when we say, a fifty percent discount is something that you must stay away from. Always keep in mind that the doctors are aware that when you are looking for options from countries far away from yours, you are mostly price-shopping. This is a very wrong way of researching your primary focus should be on the qualification of the doctor and amenities of the clinic instead of the price they are offering at. Unsolicited discounts are red signs you must never fall into the trap of.

best hair transplant clinic in India

To conclude it all, if you are looking forward to a complete hair transplant procedure and are searching for the perfect clinic for the same, might I suggest the Saraswat Hospital. As the best hair transplant clinic in India, the hospital is run by two American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) certified doctors – Dr. Satya Saraswat and Dr. Preeti Saraswat, who ensure that each patient gets the individual attention they require. 

The hospital uses modern technologies for optimum results out of every customized treatment taking place there. Offering medical tourism, you not only get the best treatment under the expertise of the doctors but also get to tour the City of Love, Agra, during the visit.

Hair Transplant can be considered as the ideal way to deal with issues like Androgenetic Alopecia in the most natural way. So, if you are facing hair fall and want to opt for Medical Tourism, pick up your checklists and start your research! 

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