Why Invest in Vinyl Wrapping for My Car?

Vinyl Wrapping for My Car

Need vehicle signage? Want to change the colour of your car? Vinyl wrapping is the answer! Vinyl wraps have been incredibly popular in recent years, with workshops providing vinyl wraps Brisbane working with more customers than ever. Its popularity comes from the fact that the process is simple and affordable, and the vinyl wraps themselves can last for 5-10 years with proper care. There are lots of reasons to invest in vinyl wrapping your car, and we’re going to cover some of the biggest benefits in the article below.

1. Paint Protection

Vinyl wraps are made from a thin sheet of adhesive plastic. That means they’re perfect for adding a layer of protection to the paint on your car. While vinyl wrap won’t save your car from shopping trolley dents, it will provide plenty of protection against scratches, stone chips and the Sun’s UV rays. All of these things wear down paint over time, making the vehicle look worse and lowering its value. Vinyl wraps prevent that wear and tear, leaving your paint looking like new when the wrap is finally removed!

2. Cost-Effective Alternative to Paint

Repainting a car can be an expensive exercise. It’s an involved process that requires dozens of hours of work by specialist tradespeople. And the cost of paint only goes up if you want something complex like company branding and signage.

Vinyl wraps are the perfect alternative! For less than the cost of a new paint job, vinyl wrap can be used to transform the look of your car and add valuable company signage. Vinyl wrapping is especially popular for companies with vehicle fleets. Whether you’re changing the colour or investing in vehicle signage, vinyl wraps can save thousands of dollars per vehicle. As an added bonus, a design that’s created for one vehicle can often be used on others, saving even more money on the design phase.

3. Ideal for Signage and Complex Designs

While many people use vinyl wraps to change the colour of their cars, the technology really stands out when it’s used for signage or complex designs. Modern vehicle graphics are computer designed and then printed directly onto the vinyl. That means they can be used to achieve complicated and intricate designs that would be almost impossible to recreate in paint.

4. Short Installation Time

When having your car repainted, you can expect the body shop to hang onto it for a week or two while they complete their work. That can be pretty inconvenient – especially for businesses that need their vehicles to get around. Vinyl wrapping is the opposite! An experienced team can complete the wrapping process in just a day or two. Depending on the size of the vehicle and how complex the wrap design is, you could be back on the road in no time at all.

5. Easy Removal

Vinyl wraps are incredibly versatile. Not only can they be used to achieve complex designs that would be impossible to replicate using paint, they can easily be removed if you want to make changes or sell the car!

This means vinyl wrapping is the perfect solution for just about everybody. It gives you the freedom to change colours and designs whenever you like without affecting the value of the car. That’s especially useful for businesses that want to resell fleet vehicles when it’s time to upgrade. Any vinyl signage can simply be peeled off and you don’t need to worry about selling a car with your company’s branding on it.

6. Maintain Your Warranty

New car warranties are extremely valuable to car owners, but the policies are often very specific. Manufacturers typically prohibit modifying a car in any way. That means changes you make to a vehicle can void the warranty, so you won’t be able to claim protection against manufacturer defaults. Many manufacturers also consider changing a car’s paint to be a modification. Painting a car involves sanding the factory coatings, which can compromise your car’s rust protection and void the warranty. 

Vinyl wraps are applied without damaging or altering the factory paint, so your manufacturer’s warranty won’t be affected.

7. Wrap for Individual Panels

When you think of vinyl wraps you probably think of wrapping an entire car, but the process is much more flexible than that. Workshops that design vinyl wraps Brisbane wide are often able to produce partial wraps that cover individual panels or specific parts of the vehicle. That gives you full creative freedom to design the vehicle wrap you want!

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