Margaret Keith Smythe Meacham – Unknown Aspects Behind the Perfect Life

Margaret Keith Smythe Meacham

Nowadays celebrity spouses gaining prominence because of their partners is no longer an unusual thing. The name, Margaret Keith Smythe Meacham, therefore, is very common to most of us. If you know the famous American presidential biographer, writer as well as reviewer, Jon Meacham, then you will surely know his beautiful and talented wife. 

Well, this celebrity wife has another identity as well. She is in fact a teacher and has been working in the education field since her graduation. So do you want to know more about this famous personality? Why is her husband so popular? In this article, we will provide you with all these answers along with several other interesting details about this pretty celebrity. So let’s dig in!

Who is Margaret Keith Smythe Meacham?

Since a lot of her fans are curious to know more about her life, we will provide you with some cool biographical details. Margaret rose to prominence primarily after marrying the celebrity writer Jon Meacham. Well, even though we do not know her exact date of birth, she is probably in her 60’s. As per her nationality, she is American and she belongs to mixed ethnicity.

However, there is no news about her life before fame. The celebrity has not shared anything much about her childhood days and family. So we are unable to provide you with that info.

Physical Appearance

You must be wondering how this celebrity wife looks, let us update you with those details about her. Well, even though Margaret is past her prime, she has still got killer looks that can embarrass many young actresses. She has an attractive figure. Margaret is around 5 ft inches or 165 cm tall and her weight is probably 57 kgs or 124 lbs. However, her beautiful dark brown eyes and blonde hair are sure to impress her fans. 

Career & Professional Life

Well, the celebrity prefers to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the glamour world. Therefore, she has not shared much detail about her educational background. So we are unable to update you with that news. 

However, we come to know that Margaret has been in the teaching profession for a long time now. In fact, she also runs a charter school as well as worked at the New York City Department of Education. So it is very obvious that she is highly educated. Presently she works in the founding team of a New York start-up company called Learn with Homer. 

Margaret has in fact said that it is actually a “digital learn-to-read program for young children”. The entire team has built it right from the scratch, so it is very special to her. Did you know she is also a member of the boards of Valor Collegiate Academies Charter School? Well, she is also an important part of the Nashville Public Library and the Tennessee Land Trust as well. So you can well understand how busy her work life is!

Personal Life: Margaret’s Marriage to Jon Meacham

Do you know how the power couple met each other? Well both of them are from diverse fields so there must be some kind of story behind their meeting each other, right? Let us take a look! Both Margaret and Jon met each other a long time back at Sewanee. In fact, at that time Jon was a freshman. It was actually Margaret who visited his university as a high school senior.

However, later she went on to study at the University of Virginia and the lovebirds got separated. Although they kept in touch through the medium of letters. Finally, in the year 1996, the lovely couple tied the knot. After spending 18 years together in New York, they moved to Nashville. 

Furthermore, the couple has three children, Sam, Maggie, and Mary. Even though they were worried about whether the kids would face any problems adjusting to the new place, everything went well.

Who is Margaret’s Husband: Jon Meacham?

Well, a lot of us are very familiar with the name of this famous personality, isn’t it? Margaret’s celebrity husband is a journalist, writer as well as editor from Tennessee, USA. You must have surely heard about the famous publisher Random House, right? Yes, this man was the former executive editor and vice president of this publishing house. However, his successful career does not end here. 

Jon is also a writer for the reputed newspapers like The New York Times and The Times. In fact,  he was the former chief editor in Newsweek. Furthermore, he also works as a visiting professor, teaching political science at Vanderbilt University. 

Margaret Keith Smythe Meacham Net Worth 

Even though we initially come to know of Margaret as the celebrity wife of Jon Meacham, she herself is quite famous in her professional life. Despite working as a teacher she has quite huge earnings. As per her net worth, it is around $1 million. However, her husband’s earnings are around $4 million. 

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☛ Betty White net worth $4 million
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Final Thoughts

So you can well understand that even though Margaret Keith Smythe Meacham came into the limelight because of her celebrity husband, she too has created an identity of her own. As per sources, both the partners support each other in their work lives. She presently lives along with her happy family in a luxurious house in Nashville.