Office Romance: Ways To Deal With Breakups When You Work Together

Office Romance

Office romance might seem very interesting and easy, but it is not without some serious issues. Let me inform you that even in your best of times, office romance might not be as easy as it seems. In fact, if you have undergone a breakup, then the situation might become even tougher. This is because ideally when you break up with your partner, you stop seeing him/her. However, working in the same office cancels out this option. In fact, you cannot leave your job for that reason. 

We know that breakups are hard to deal with. However, breaking up with your colleague is an entirely different thing. One research suggests that around 39% of the working population have dated their colleagues at some point in time and out of them around 30% married their co-workers. Therefore, office romance is a very prominent thing in our society and we should learn to deal with breakups effectively. This article will take you through the ways in which you can deal with breakups in a professional workspace. 

Getting Over Breakups With Your Co-Workers

Getting Over Breakups With Your Co-Workers

  • Keep Personal Matters Outside The Office

This is one of the most effective things to do right from the beginning of your office romance. Doing this will enable you to keep your personal life away from influencing your professional relationships. Moreover, in case you break up at some point in time, you will be able to avoid the uncomfortable situation at the workplace. 

  • Stay Focused On Your Work

Breakups might become very painful if you have no distractions. In fact, distractions help you deal with the pangs of breakups in a more effective manner by keeping your mind engaged in something else. When you are in an office, what can be a better distraction than your work? Therefore, start focusing more on your work. You might find your colleagues gossiping about your relationship and breakup. In those cases, ignore that. Keep your mind occupied with work and this will help you a lot.

Don’t Create Discomfort For Your Co-Workers

  • Don’t Create Discomfort For Your Co-Workers

When you undergo a workspace breakup, the most effective way to deal with it is not to make other employees feel uncomfortable about it. Here, the key is to stay calm and avoid emotional breakdowns in the office. Emotional breakdowns will get noticed at work and will make you feel ashamed later. Therefore, do not create any unnecessary scenes at the office and keep your emotional crisis to yourself when at work. 

  • Never Leave The Job

It is important to keep your personal and professional lives separate. You should not let your personal life influence your professional career. Therefore, if you experience a break-up with your co-worker, then do not let your emotional loss take control over your professional career choices. Therefore, hold your head high and go to your office as if nothing has happened. Do not quit your job in any way.

Communicating With Your Ex
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  • Communicating With Your Ex

Now, this is the most essential part of the entire thing. If you had an office romance and now you have broken up with your co-worker, the key to dealing with it at the office is to act normally with him/her. For that purpose, you should also fake your reactions. Well, you have no control over your ex-partner’s behaviour. But, be sure to be correct on your part to avoid unnecessary drama at the office. This will help you in sustaining your job effectively.


1. Is Office romance hard to Deal with?

Yes! However, if you are politically correct on your part, then handling an office romance can become easy for you. 

2. How can you overcome a workspace breakup?

Read the article to know about some effective ways to do that.

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