Meghraj Tambe : Young Entrepreneur and College Dropout

Meghraj Tambe

Meet Meghraj Tambe from Pune College dropout and Young Entrepreneur

This 18-year Young Entrepreneur is making strategies how to grow and expand newly started business like marketing , scaling-up and many more.

He is full of business person always talking about business and thinking about too , always finding solutions for problems by business mind.

Meghraj Tambe

He have many business ideas and he is planning to share his knowledge and ideas to audience , soon he is going to tell about it.

When he understood that it’s not important that you should have college degree to be successful and then he started thinking about many things about business and making strategies by which your business will scaleup and expand.

Meghraj Tambe

At the age where he should study he is making plans for future and have many business ideas by which he could make millions and this is only thing that motivates him all the time.

He is working on his goal to make multiple income sources to invest in different market and many things by which in future he can innovate things which will be helpful.

Meghraj Tambe is analyzing market so that if there is any need for something or problem that he can improve and solve customers problem.