What is Geocode API

Geocode API

The Geocoding API is a service that provides geocoding and reverse geocoding of addresses. Geocoding is converting addresses into geographic coordinates that you can use to place markers on a map or position the map. Geocode API assists you in performing geoparsing and geocoding at scale. Worldwide data can be easily accessed, which is frequently updated at the back end. You can find more insights about Geocode API on https://geocodeapi.io/address-autocomplete-api/.

What is Address Autocomplete API

Address Autocomplete is a web form feature that suggests street addresses to users as they type an address into a form. Address autocompletion is a crucial part of any data management strategy. Autocompletion API is explicitly customized to make Autocompletion scalable and affordable, providing worldwide data. You can test it on various addresses, countries, and regions.

Why does Autocompletion fit your needs?

  • Customizable
  • You can filter the data that the API is being returned by limiting the Autocompletion to addresses, cities, or countries.
  • Ultra-Fast because Autocompletion is supposed to increase the user experience of your service. Hence, it must be lightning-fast, competent, and reliable.
  • Autocompletion enriches the user experience of your users and ensures normalized and hassle-free data entry. Geocode API is flexible and lets you adapt and engage with the autocompletion API to your use case.

Geocode API: Address to Coordinate Conversion & Geoparsing

Geocoding requires high server capacity and maximum data handling. API provides you with both, so the developer can intensely focus on building your application. Geocode API reduces your development costs and makes your business scalable. 

Benefits of using Geocode API:

  • Form Auto-Completion

Enhances your website or application’s user experience by providing a fast and reliable location input field with auto-completion.

  • Data Enhancement

Advance and upgrade your very own CRM data with a good Geocoding API. Multiple bulk endpoints are offered for an initial batch submission.

  • Data Visualization

Use Geocode API to clean & normalize your data. Afterward, data can be easily visualized.

  • Realtime Results.

Geocode API is powered by the robust infrastructure to return results in real-time.

  • Easy to use API.

Geocoding API produces search results in JSON format, which are easy to process and run in any application.

Integrated Support and Services Offered

If you have any queries related to support, every service provider provides assistance while integrating the software. You can contact their official emails to get your queries resolved. The service level agreement that you sign may promise an uptime.

Generating Batch Geocode Spreadsheet (.csv, .xlsx, etc.)

You can batch geocode your address or location datasets with just a few clicks. If there is a spreadsheet to the respective dashboard, you can easily update it, configure the geocoder, and receive the fully geocoded data within just a few clicks in a quick time. 

How much does it cost?

Packages and price plans are provided by various companies ranging from $85 to $300. All contracts with service providers can be terminated, upgraded, or downgraded at any time. The monthly payments and monthly billings are preferred to have a hassle-free process.

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