10 Tips for Finding Movers You Can Rely on

10 Tips for Finding Movers You Can Rely on
Have you found yourself a new place to stay in a new area and community? Then, it’s time to pack up all your belongings and relocate them to your new home. What you want are local movers that can safely move all your possessions.
Finding movers can be stressful, especially for those who’ve never tried. So, here are ten great tips to keep in mind when looking for reliable professional movers in Gold Coast to help you move.

Ask for Recommendations

There may be millions of moving companies in your area, so finding a trustworthy one may be difficult. Get recommendations from your friends and family since they can be a reliable source. People close to you may know a moving company with a high-rate or bunch of hidden fees. 

You can also ask online about their recent moving experience. Learn more about the moving company’s customer service, fees, professionalism, and process. Make sure to ask about the companies they’ve worked with that they love and hate. 

Spend Some Time On their Website

The moving company’s website should state all their services and policies. It should also give you where their physical office is and which areas they serve. Their website should provide helpful moving information and tips. 

You can also browse their photos and videos that show their services in action. The website should be able to give some basic pricing for same-city, local, and long-distance moves. A website can tell a lot about the company and how they act professionally. 

Look at the Moving Company Reviews

There are many sites you can check for reviews, such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Look through the reviews and see if the company made an effort to clear the situation. The responses they give to customer reviews may tell you more about them.

Another great website to learn more about a company’s credibility is at the Better Business Bureau. Check if your local moving company has a satisfactory rating. They should also resolve or respond to comments and complaints. 

Make Sure They Have Insurance and A License

Never go for a moving company with no insurance and license. All movers should have a license from the Department of Transportation. Licensed movers can officially and legally bound to guard your property. 

Make sure to also ask for proof of insurance to avoid getting held liable for medical costs. Movers should happily provide you with their current policies. If they’re hesitant to show it, it may be a sign to cut ties with them immediately. 

Check Their Moving Equipment

It’s best to ask about a moving company’s equipment to get an idea of the company you’re inquiring about. Moving companies may have a national franchise with heavy tools and resources from their franchisees. Consider your items you plan to move, like if they’re heavy or fragile. 

Make sure they have a forklift or tools that can carry particular objects. Find a moving company that owns the equipment so that they can accommodate last-minute changes. A company that rents equipment may be slower to adjust to sudden changes. 

Understand the Pricing 

Many movers may base their services on the number of movers, needed trucks, laborers, materials, and total moving hours. To save money and time, ask for the estimate of the costs if you happen to go over the required time. There may be cases of delay, like traffic, breaks, and loading or unloading. 

If you’re going for long-distance moving, some companies price their service by the weight of your objects. They may add the cost of the total distance traveled. Ask the company about additional fees and possible charges. 

Reaffirm that they’re Movers

Make sure you’re not entering an agreement with a broker rather than a moving company. Moving brokers don’t have a license to move your belongings. They book your move, and then they sell your booking information to moving companies. 

You won’t be able to choose the company that will move your belongings. Cost estimates may turn inaccurate since the transaction happens over the phone. Going straight for the moving company gives you confidence in the team you’ve chosen. 

Meet the Movers in Person

Once you’ve researched a particular company online, it’s time to stop by their office for a visit. A reputable moving company should have a physical address where they can handle business. An office makes it easier to discuss their services and ask questions. 

A company can ignore calls, but they can’t overlook face-to-face visits from customers. Take the time to inspect their office to check if the lobby is clean and the employees are friendly. The physical office of a company should be as good as its online presence. 

Watch For Warning Signs 

When researching or meeting moving companies, you always have to look out for red flags. Reliable movers should be upfront with everything, from their costs to policies. A full-service mover doesn’t suggest on-site inspections. 

It would be best if you also avoided movers that give an estimate over email or call. There is no such thing as a large deposit in cash when it comes to payment. The goods they carry won’t be all covered by the insurance of the moving company. 

As stated earlier, a moving company should have a physical office with the right tools. Finding movers will be so much easier if you know what to look for and what to avoid. 

Get the In-Home Estimates

A mover shouldn’t be able to give you an estimate until you can show how many and how heavy your belongings are. An in-home estimate lets the mover get a full scope of the task. The assessment should allow you to familiarize yourself with the mover and employees. 

10 Tips for Finding Movers You Can Rely on

Depending on your moving needs, finding movers can be easy if you keep these tips in mind. Ask for referrals, ask the right questions, and inspect the company in real life. Choose professionals that can adapt to sudden changes and handle your belongings carefully. 

Don’t regret your decision and take your time choosing a moving company! Want more tips to help you choose the right movers? We have more guides that can help you.  

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