The Essential Guide to Low Minimum Clothing Manufacturers

Clothing Manufacturers

Finding a clothing manufacturer that would work with small minimum order quantities used to be nearly impossible. The big guys just weren’t interested unless you were placing huge orders. Fortunately, times have changed. 

There are now manufacturers such as Appareify that specialize in low minimums, making it possible for small brands and startups to get their designs made and build their businesses. This guide will introduce you to some of the low-minimum clothing manufacturers so you can get your brand up and running without needing a huge investment upfront. 

Whether you’re looking to make t-shirts, dresses, jeans, or suits, you’ll find manufacturers on this list that can work with the quantities you need. Get ready to bring your clothing line to life!

What Is a Low Minimum Clothing Manufacturer?

Low Minimum Clothing Manufacturer

A low minimum clothing manufacturer is a company that will produce custom apparel orders in small quantities, usually starting at around 50 to 500 pieces. These manufacturers cater to small businesses, startups, and individuals who want to create their own clothing line but don’t need thousands of units to get started.

Appareify is an example of a low minimum clothing manufacturer that offers high-quality garments with low order minimums. They utilize cut and sew production, meaning each garment is cut and stitched together individually instead of mass-produced. This allows for more flexibility in design and smaller order sizes.

Some key benefits of using a low minimum clothing manufacturer include:

  • Lower upfront costs. You don’t have to order thousands of units to get your clothing line started. This reduces financial risk and allows you to test the market.
  • Greater flexibility. It’s easy to make changes to your designs and order sizes. This agility allows you to adapt quickly to customer feedback and trends.
  • Higher quality. Cut and sew methods typically produce higher quality garments with more attention to detail. The clothing will look and feel custom-made rather than mass-produced.
  • Quicker turnaround times. Smaller order sizes mean the entire production process moves faster. You can go from design to delivery in a matter of weeks rather than months.
  • More personal service. Low minimum manufacturers typically offer a high-touch experience with dedicated account managers to help guide you through the process. They want your business to succeed as much as you do.

Using a low minimum clothing manufacturer like Appareify is a great way for startups and small brands to launch a high-quality clothing line without a huge upfront investment. The flexibility, faster turnaround times, and personal service these manufacturers offer allow you to get your business up and running quickly.

How Low Minimums Benefit New Apparel Brands

For new clothing brands, low minimum order quantities (MOQs) from manufacturers are a game changer. They allow you to test new products without investing in large upfront inventory costs.

Low MOQs give emerging brands flexibility and room for experimentation. You can order small batches of multiple styles to see what resonates with your customers before committing to larger orders. This helps you make data-driven decisions about what to keep or cut from your line.

With lower financial risk, brands can also take more creative risks. You have the freedom to try bolder prints, unique cuts, or innovative fabrics without worrying about being stuck with excess inventory if those items don’t sell as well. Low MOQs open the door for you to push the envelope in terms of design.

Smaller order sizes also mean shorter lead times. Rather than waiting months for a large shipment to arrive from overseas, you’ll get your samples and first production run in a matter of weeks. This allows you to be more responsive to trends and make changes to your line based on customer feedback.

For bootstrapped brands, low MOQs go hand in hand with lower upfront costs. You don’t have to shell out as much cash to get your first samples made or place your initial inventory order. This makes the barrier to entry much lower, allowing more aspiring fashion entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

In summary, low minimums give new apparel brands the freedom to experiment, be creative, stay nimble, save money, and bring their vision to life. When you’re just starting out, flexibility and affordability are invaluable. Low MOQ manufacturers provide both.

Common Questions About Low Minimum Manufacturing

Low minimum manufacturers are clothing production companies that require a lower minimum order quantity (MOQ) than typical manufacturers. This allows brands to test new products without committing to large inventory volumes. However, some common questions arise around low minimums in manufacturing.

What quantities do low minimum manufacturers offer?

Low minimum manufacturers typically offer MOQs of around 50 to 500 units per style. This is much lower than the industry standard of 1,000 to 5,000 units. Lower MOQs mean brands can order smaller volumes to test new products, limit financial risk, and gauge customer demand before reordering larger quantities.

Do low minimum orders affect quality or price?

While lower MOQs provide flexibility, some trade-offs exist. Quality may be slightly lower since manufacturers cannot achieve the same economies of scale. Prices are often 10-30% higher for low minimum orders due to increased production costs. Some manufacturers may also charge low minimum fees. However, for new brands testing products, the benefits of lower MOQs often outweigh these factors.

What products do low minimum manufacturers offer?

Low minimum manufacturers produce a range of apparel products, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, pants, shorts, jackets, and more. They can also produce accessories like hats, bags, and socks. Production capabilities include screen printing, embroidery, cut and sew, and private label manufacturing. Most offer contemporary and fast fashion styles, though some also produce basics.

How do I find a reputable low minimum manufacturer?

When searching for a low minimum manufacturer, consider the following:

  • Check online reviews from other brands to assess quality, service, and reliability.
  • Review the manufacturer’s website to see examples of their products and production capabilities.
  • Consider manufacturers from countries with lower costs of living and wages like China, Vietnam, India, etc. But also consider the ethics and sustainability of the manufacturer. Appareify is a great option.
  • Request fabric swatches and sizing samples to evaluate quality firsthand.
  • Start with a small test order to experience the manufacturer’s service before committing to larger orders.
  • Ask the manufacturer about their typical lead times, payment terms, and shipping options to ensure they meet your needs.

With some research, brands can find reputable, low minimum manufacturers to bring their visions to life without excessive financial risk or inventory commitments. By starting small, new brands can gain crucial experience in product development and position themselves for growth and success.


Finding the right low minimum clothing manufacturer for your brand can be challenging, but doing your research and vetting potential partners thoroughly will pay off. Look for manufacturers with a proven track record of high-quality, on-time production at competitive prices. 

Be prepared to provide very clear tech packs and communicate frequently, especially at the beginning of your relationship. While it may take time to find the perfect match, having a reliable manufacturing partner like Appareify will give you the freedom to focus on designing great products and building your brand. With some diligence and patience, you’ll be well on your way to scaling your clothing line and achieving your vision. The key is simply getting started.

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