Who Is Sandeep Nahar’s Wife? Find Everything You Need To Know About Her Here

Sandeep Nahar Wife

Sandeep Nahar is an actor who died due to suicide. He left a tragic note and a video on Facebook before his death. Also, he has acted in films like Kesari and MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. The formal cause of his death was not announced but now his wife Kanchan Nahar and her mother are booked by the police for the abetment of suicide. No arrests are made till now but the police are investigating the case further. Before drying Sandeep has mentioned that no action must be taken against anyone. But he has specifically talked about his wife. An FIR was filed by a family member from Sandeep’s side. Find out all the details of Sandeep Nahar’s wife here. 

Who is Sandeep Nahar? 

Sandeep Nahar is an actor who appeared in Sushant Singh Rajput’s movie MS Dhoni and Kesari. Before his death, he shared a note on Facebook and a ten-minute video about his struggles. Also, he talked about his relationship with his wife. He said “I would’ve died by suicide a long time ago but I chose to give myself the time and hope that things would get better, but they didn’t. I now have nowhere to go. I don’t know what awaits me after I take this step, but I’ve been through hell in this life.” Also, he mentioned that he has joined the politics in Bollywood. Further, he died three hours after uploading the video. The police are investigating this incident. 

How did Sandeep Nahar die? 

Sandeep Nahar died of suicide in his Gurgaon apartment. His wife Kanchan was with him but she found out about it after his post went viral on social media. Before his suicide, he created a video and a note on his Facebook page. His wife did not know about it and only after her father-in-law Vijay Kumar called her to ask about his post. Then only did she find out that he has died because of suicide. She was sitting in another room of his Gurgaon flat when he died of suicide. 

What was the reaction of the family members? 

The younger brother of Sandeep Nahar Manish told the interviewers that the couple fought. Then after the fight, Sandeep asked his wife Kanchan to not disturb him. That is why she moved to another room. Further, he added if Kanchan had seen the post he must be saved. But it was an unfortunate circumstance. 

According to the sources, the police arrived and called the medics. They declared that Sandeep is dead. But his wife found it hard to believe because she experienced a shock and was fighting with the police about it.

The father of the late Sandeep Nahar is a retired forest official. The elder brother of the actor is a constable in Haryana and his younger brother is a real estate agent. The younger brother Manish shared with the police that his dead brother and his wife Kanchan were in a relationship before their marriage last August. Further, he added that they fought frequently. 

The family members of Sandeep are in shock. The mortal remains of the actor after the post mortem was given to his father. The police are going to register the case against the person concerned. 

What happened to Kanchan Sharma? 

Now Kanchan Sharma and her mother are booked for abetment by suicide by the authorities handling the case. She is a social media star and actor in Bollywood. Also, she has acted in many TV serials. Her late husband said that she was blackmailing him. Not many details are available about how she lived with her husband. 


Sandeep Nahar’s wife has been accused of abetting her husband to commit suicide. No one knows what happened behind the closed doors.

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