Why Should You Choose Zoomer Driver App?

Zoomer Driver App

What is Zoomer?

The zoomer driver app is an easy app to use in the office and on the road. Passengers book trips with a few taps on their phone, through the website, or by phone. Therefore, the system sends each job to the nearest driver – it’s timely, easy, and safe.

Zoomer makes it manageable for everyone to recognize what’s going on with real-time reporting & easy-to-use dashboards. Thus, it takes care of the paperwork too. It frees people up to work on other portions of the business.

Benefits for Owners and Managers

The private hire sector evolves more and more competitively. Hence, you require to make sure your business keeps running, keeps drivers, and wins fresh customers.

Furthermore, you need to bring down your expenses while giving your passengers an even nicer quality of service. That’s where Zoomer helps. 

There’s no necessity to invest in new equipment. It’s completely ‘pay as you go,’ with a steady fee for every journey. Hence, to make booking simpler, and fight back against the competition.

  • Cut your expenses, for instance 
  • Enjoy the usefulness whatever the size of your fleet
  • Pay as you go, with no hidden payments
  • No necessity to invest in new IT equipment or computers
  • The system is simple to use and available to use, with the least training needed
  • Real-time dashboards let you see everything you wish
  • Build your business thrive your customer database
  • Entice new account customers, for instance

Benefits for Dispatchers

From reimbursing drivers to doing the paperwork, you’ve lots to do. Additionally, you need to arrange all the bookings. Zoomer takes care of everything and makes sure jobs go steadily.

The automatic dispatch function guarantees jobs are sent to the most suitable driver, promptly and efficiently. However, that can be a substantial help when it comes to governing peak times. Besides, you can subtract and remove as many drivers as you want, for no extra charge.

The zoomer driver app is manageable to use. Therefore, it’s possibly like the system you already utilize. It has the cloud, which means there’s no necessity to buy new IT hardware or phones. Besides, your staff won’t require lots of training either.

  • Simple to use the system, similar to software you know, with least training required
  • No necessity to buy new IT equipment or computers
  • Deal peaks of business more easily – no need to hire more operators
  • Subtract as many drivers or cars as you need, whenever you require them
  • Intelligent reporting and dashboards protect you up to speed
  • Govern which drivers are performing best
  • Keeps drivers happy. Keep them working for you
  • The system always backs up your customer database, similarly

Benefits for Passengers

You want the entire taxi app experience. Hence, the easy bookings, real-time updates, and the opportunity to rate a driver. Zoomer app delivers every time.

Zoomer Passenger App includes all of the appliances your passengers need for a great experience. Besides, The app’s unusual 2-click booking function couldn’t be faster or simpler to use.

Additionally, you’ll see the driver’s location in the app and via messages too. The zoomer driver app stores your card details so you can pay promptly and effortlessly from the app furthermore.

  • Susceptible to book via app, phone, or web
  • Be understood by the system to make booking quick
  • Additionally, an unusual 2-click booking via the app
  • Check out the driver before the trip
  • See precisely where your car is
  • Collect text updates, including arrival times
  • Rate the driver

Ending Note

Zoomer has a huge user base due to its facilities. Hopefully, with this article, you understand that. It is an easy and simple app. Therefore, it gets the work done and saves you time.