Discover the Benefits of Trisodium Phosphate as a Cleaner

Discover the Benefits of Trisodium Phosphate as a Cleaner

Trisodium Phosphate or TSP is a packaged, cleaning product comprising 75-80% trisodium phosphate and 20-25% sodium carbonate. Chemate Trisodium Phosphate is typically available in the form of an odorless powder that must undergo thorough mixing into hot water to create a clear solution with a slight cloudiness. 

The effective cleaner tackles problem areas around your home that might be greasy, sooty, or dirty. Although it’s ban is in effect in numerous communities, painters and contractors often favor the product where it’s legal. If you’re looking to buy this product, but aren’t certain about its uses, consider this guide. 

TSP in Cleaning

TSP’s use traditionally revolves around residential and industrial cleaning. It’s an ingredient in degreasers, detergents, and mildew removers. The potent chemical comprises alkalizing features that make it popular in dishwashing liquids and laundry detergents because alkaline cuts through oil and grease. 

You’ll find the cleaner cuts through the worst stains, including grease, mold, and soot. It’s extremely affordable and blends in minutes with hot water. You’ll require a second cleaning with TSP to tackle difficult areas. 

Since it starts as a dry, white powder, it can conclude in the same state after the water has dried on the surface. To tackle this, ensure you rinse surfaces with a bucket and new sponge that you’ve rinsed thoroughly. 

Although you can use TSP on a wide range of surfaces, it can’t apply on all surfaces. Beware that it can stain or darken some materials. Similarly, it can etch mirrors and glass. You should also keep the chemical away from aluminum and other metals. 

Benefits of Cleaning with TSP


There’s no doubt that this product works great. You’ll find that it frequently succeeds where other solutions have failed to address stubborn stains such as grease. 

Paint-stripping abilities

The potent chemical can peel old paint and frequently works to clean surfaces during painting preparation, especially for exteriors. It eliminates flaking or splintered leftover paint that might hinder the new coat’s bond. 

Suits Exterior Surfaces

The chemical functions well on various surfaces, including stone and brick, cement, and roofing. If the surface underwent a previous painting, you can repaint after TSP cleaning. 

Mildew and mold treatment

A benefit of washing exteriors with this cleaner is that, when blended with household bleach, it eradicates mildew and mold. 

Easy Application

You might think that using the potent agent would involve a complex procedure, but its application simply needs a sponge or brush. 

Safety Considerations

The toxic chemical can cause skin and eye irritation and is dangerous if swallowed. The chemical needs care when you’re working with it. Always use waterproof gloves and eye protection when cleaning with or handling TSP. It’s equally significant to wear skin protection, including long pants and sleeves. Safety precaution applies to both mixed and dry or diluted TSP forms. 

TSP is a potent cleaning agent that offers various benefits. However, you must take precautions when using it. 

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