2019: What’s In & Out of the Real Estate Design World?

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“Design experts have their say on the trends that are likely to stay in the real estate industry across 2019 and those which are obsolete”

Now that we’ve moved in 2019, the time has come to look at interior design trends that’ll soar and bid farewell to those out of the league. Here’re a few suggestions and hunches from the experts:
What’s ‘In’

  • Warm Modernism
    Many regions across the globe have now accepted modern aesthetics over the typical and traditional rustic themes. No doubt, the black-and-white contrast, steel-and-wood combination for raw material isn’t going anywhere, they’ll achieve ‘softness’ in terms of colour and asymmetry. The modern elements will be refreshed to make a statement when blended by natural wall coverings and sun-kissed fabrics.
  • Seamless Technology & Transformation
    Automation will take a leap forward which will integrate those talk-to-me products in almost everything within a modern home. These would help in getting things done with voice command and many homeowners are already making the most of the technology to augment their lifestyle.

If yours is a modern villa in Dubai, 2019 will probably get you familiar with smart faucets, window shades, fans and appliances embedded with the smart technology solutions such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod for a fully connected home.

In addition, products which offer seamless integration and easy installation to the current designs are considered more remodelling-friendly. Think of innovative and advanced appliances, medicine cabinets, faucets, sinks and lighting solutions (don’t forget ‘Philips Hue’); each takes a new meaning and approach to automation without disrupting the style and functionality of the living space.

  • The ‘home sweet home’Thingy
    Indeed, the talking-tech is much trendy; some would prefer a chat-free living experience without compromising on the element of a ‘smart home’. This is where sound-barrier and meditative features step-in and are likely to sink into modern homes this year; envision transformation with acoustic panels, special aura effects and coloured lighting.

For the extreme aesthetic appeal; translucent and otherworldly fabrics will pair an organic feel with the advantages and convenience of selected technology.

  • The Industrial Touch
    For all those having a heart for the quartz, metal and concrete, it’s time to celebrate as the industrial styles are predicted to gain momentum this year. Bronze and matte-black continue to rule and give the actual industrial vibe. Steel buildings are having their time again. 

With the wall colours, fabrics, faucet finish and appliances, dark and glow-blue with a hint of grey are considered above the rest. From the warmth of the light grey to starkly coolness of the matte-black, these shades add a gentle layer of distinction and intrigue.
For those selling a home with black and charcoal grey front doors, they’re likely to earn above $6,000 the normal cost.

  • The organic intonations
    No doubt that fine, handmade details can quickly soften the interior and this year, get ready to experience pulsing patterns and asymmetrical lines blended through careful stitching, fine detailing, hand-painting which goes beyond the available possibilities for the infinite mix-and-match style. In addition to the above, accents and fabrics bearing wooden, crystal and pearlescent elements sparks flair of the creative element.

All that said, preferred home décor would include earthly elements, neutral naturals with a simple addition of wooden objects and furniture, colorful combination of live and fake plants, rugs and fabrics soon.
What’s ‘Out’

  • Countryside Approach
    The rustic and stylish-farmhouse elements are making a comeback which redefines the shiplap trends with a modern makeover and simplified layers. The kitsch barn doors will sit in the back with modern versions of glass and metal combination coming to the forefront, rather than the domestic barn wood.
  • Utopian Pink
    The Palm Jumeirah villas in 2019 welcome subtle, earth tones with the cool and classic palettes on the rise whereas the bold and trendy shadings are falling in popularity. The blue and neutral continue to climb which adds value to a home having these colour combination used in the bathroom and kitchen. No doubt utopian/millennial pink have been the rage, nobody wants it all through their homes lately.

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