Video Transcription: Six Solid Reasons To Consider It For Your Marketing Plans


Videos are an integral part of the age of digital marketing, and it is no longer an option to people planning effective marketing campaigns, but a necessity. Unlike readable content or images, videos are a complete package of sound and graphics. That makes it have a more significant impact upon the viewers, and leave a mark on the audiences. However, recent developments and analyses have revealed that there might be ways that video marketing can be more useful to marketers.

Video Transcription: Six Solid Reasons To Consider It For Your Marketing Plans

Videos are so successful because of the user engagement with the audio, but statistics suggest that people are watching more videos on mute. Social media giants and influential marketing platforms have started the feature of streaming videos without sound, and the number of viewers has spiked. As a result of it, viewers may get to watch your content but what you are trying to convey. So in a manner of speaking, it impairs your marketing strategy and has it struggling to stand out against the competition.

Fortunately, it isn’t too big of a challenge to overcome this obstacle. Marketers only had to take a step back and integrate it with the original content marketing ideas to amplify its reach, besides retaining its effectiveness. The solution was to add subtitles and transcriptions to videos for people to read your sales pitch if they can’t listen to it. The astounding results of that encouraged most marketers to implement this idea to their initial campaign for fulfilling outcomes.

If you are looking to reinvent or rejuvenate your strategy, and give your video marketing a new angle to cover, then here are six solid reasons to consider adding video transcriptions to your plan.

  1. SEO

There are numerous benefits of video SEO, with the most prominent being better user interaction. Search engine optimization is for platforms like Google and YouTube that entertains millions of user searches a day. With written video transcriptions, subtitles, and metadata descriptions, they can identify the relevance of your work and will present it among the top options. Also, using keywords and phrases is perhaps the most efficient way of increasing the ranking of your page. That enhances user interaction, and increase the traffic flowing into your page.


User accessibility is the biggest problem that video marketing is facing. People are likely to come across your work while scrolling their social media, and surveys suggest that most people go through them while waiting in a queue, at bus and metro stations, or during the commute. These are all public places, and no one would prefer listening to it in public or pull their headphones out in a crowd.

Besides that, some people are deaf or have impaired hearing. To them, your work is as good as silent all the time. However, you can change that by adding video transcriptions. By doing it, not only will you get more people to listen to what you have to share, but also socially acclaimed for it.

Plus, there’s the benefit of easy translations while going for a global marketing campaign. So by adding video transcriptions, you can get people around the world to listen and respond to your sales.


Videos can be abstract concepts, and not everyone can relate or understand them as you’d want. An inadequately targeted campaign can do more harm than good to the image of your company.

With the help of video transcriptions, you can ensure that it’s not the case. They are elaborate, detailed, and well-defined, so you wouldn’t have to worry about being misinterpreted. Additionally, they can serve as a fabulous line of defense against any legal claims of verbal offense. So they secure your interests while marketing your sales and services.


Most content creators are into podcasts and episodic video sessions, and it won’t be too long before they have enough content on a subject to start a blog or publish an eBook about their work. They might even want to go with the option of writing articles for their, so there are multiple alternatives.

Video transcriptions make all this an easy possibility because you have written records of all your work. You can edit, review, revise, and add onto it, before compiling to share it.


The engagement factor in videos was sound, but with mute videos becoming more popular, that is no longer an option. The best substitute for it is video transcriptions. They cover up for the sound and promotes user interaction with your content, making it more effective from a marketing perspective.


You can base your website and content promotions on video transcriptions for international, as well as local viewers. Using them as an add-on while making sales or asking users for emails to share them for your video files is an excellent way to build your email list. You can expect to enhance sales, maximize email list, and attract people from several backgrounds to look into your content.


These are the six solid reasons to revise your marketing plan and equip your videos with transcriptions to amplify its impact. By doing so, you will only come off as more professional with your approach and fortify your position as a reliable marketer. That should help you settle in the industry and establish your business with ease, turning into a more promising enterprise.