Top 10 Unexpected Benefits Of Using Instagram For Your SMB’s

Benefits Of Using Instagram For Your SMB’s

Nowadays Instagram has become a great platform for your small business. If you want to grow your company, then Instagram is the answer. Moreover, it offers your company exposure to billions of people like no other platform. With Instagram, you can connect to your customers, and do certain marketing strategies to boost sales. Therefore, you can see the growth of your business.

In this article, we will discuss some of the greatest and unexpected benefits you can get from using Instagram.

Here are the Top 10 Unexpected Benefits Using Instagram

As we know, Instagram is the largest picture and video sharing network out there. Therefore, there are many benefits for your company, if you can hit the right strategies. So without further ado, here are the benefits of using Instagram for your small business. 

1. Get An Idea of What The Customer thinks

This first benefit is really simple yet very much practical. We know that Instagram is a platform where users publish millions of posts per day. Those posts can be about anything, from lifestyle to location, values, beliefs, likes, and dislikes, etc. 

Therefore, you can get a really good picture of what’s the trend, or what’s the thought process of people around the globe. So, you can evaluate your small business in accordance with your customer preferences.

2. Such A Grand Exposure

Yes, that’s true. Instagram with its billions of users provides you a grand exposure to digital marketing. Moreover, it’s not that using Instagram is simply due to entertainment. Rather, it’s a great platform for business as well. So click a snap of your product, hashtag it, and give locations and see the response. Hence, such a grand exposure is really good for small businesses. 

3. Having a good relationship with customers

It’s important for any business to have a good relationship with its customers. Moreover, in modern times, customers are spoiled. They want to have that cozy attention from brands and businesses.

Therefore, you need to satisfy them. It’s not so hard. You just have to answer their comments, provide tutorials, post-behind-the-scenes videos, or posts. Most importantly, acknowledge the customers. Doing these would make your fans turn into loyal customers. 

4. You can present the business products to the masses

That’s another benefit of using Instagram. As we know Instagram is an online image and video sharing platform, therefore you can post videos or pictures of your product. In fact, users of Instagram love to check out new products. Therefore, you can use the platform and advertise your products. 

However, don’t post too many of those sales-related posts. Do share bits and pieces of behind-the-scenes, or memes related to your business. Though it’s true that the main goal is to increase sales, too much of those posts can be a turn-off. 

5. Reaching out to new followers

Suppose you have successfully gained some loyal fans and customers. The next thing you know, they will bring in more new customers for you. If they love your product they’d advertise them for you. As a result, you will gain new followers and fans. This is a never-ending chain. Nearly all successful businesses have grown this way. 

6. Get Brand Ambassadors

Love and an amicable relationship can do wonders. Especially, in digital marketing, if you can maintain a good relationship with your customers, they’d speak on your behalf. Moreover, they can write good reviews for your company. Furthermore, they can even become your brand ambassadors. 

7. Help to enhance your brand

Through certain strategies, and making attractive content on Instagram, you can also enhance the brand value. Therefore, post regularly on your business, and make creative content. Moreover, Instagram is a great platform for advertisement as well. Through bright and simple posters, pictures of your product you can make the name of your brand. 

8. Promote your Official Website through Instagram

You need to remember that Instagram is just a tool to get followers and result in a boom in sales. However, the real deal comes from your company’s official website. Therefore, you can use Instagram to promote your official website too. 

You need to add the link to the website to your Bio section of the Brand’s account. Since this is the only link that you are allowed to post, you need to be clever about it. 

9. Advertising Campaigns

You must know that ads play a crucial role in brand awareness. Therefore, you can use Instagram to launch advertising campaigns. 

10. Visual Pleasure

We know that a business account on Instagram serves the purpose of promoting the brand and connecting with customers. However, visibility is important too. You cannot expect your fans to love a bland poster. Therefore, you can use Instagram filters or other editing tools to highlight the main points. Moreover, if you are posting videos, then add some behind-the-scenes. 

Summing it up: 

Using Social networking sites to boost your small business is simply amazing. This is exactly why people nowadays are resorting to digital marketing. If you are able to raise good awareness and authenticity of your business, then you will surely benefit a lot.