Dig Into The Life Story Of British Comedian John Oliver’s Wife Kate Norley

John Oliver’s Wife
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British comedian John Oliver has certainly made people laugh with his quirky jokes. However, did you know about John Oliver’s wife Kate Norley? As per the sources, the British comedian has married his wife in the year 2011. Moreover, Norley met John at the Republic National Convention in the year 2008. At that convention, John was doing a comedy piece for the Daily Show and Kate was campaigning with Vets Freedom.

So, if you want to know more about the relationship of John Oliver and John Oliver’s wife Kate Norley then you have to go through this article. Here you will find some interesting facts about the duo and their love story.

A Bit On Kate Norley

So, let’s talk a bit about Kate Norley the wife of John Oliver. Well, did you know that she’s not only famous as John Oliver’s wife but she’s a professional actress herself? In fact, she’s also an executive. As per the sources, the fans might remember her for her role in the f2009 film Trans.si.tions.

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Kate joined the army as an executive after the 9/11 attack in NYC. After joining the army she worked as a combat medic and executive in Fallujah, Iraq.

Furthermore, she was also a very famous mental health specialist. In the days of her being an Army executive and mental health specialist, she counseled the soldiers. After returning to the US she became an advocate for the veterans. She followed her passion and talked to a lot of outlets and appeared on FOX News to campaign for more funding for the vets.

How Did She Meet Her Husband Oliver?

As we said earlier, John Oliver’s wife Kate’s and Oliver’s paths crossed in the year 2008 at the Republican National Committee. In that committee, Oliver was representing The Dail Show. Kate on the other hand was campaigning for the Vets for freedom. The couple in that committee met each other and soon began to date.

Two years later they decided to elevate their relationship to a new height. In other words, they decided to tie the knots of marriage in the year 2011. October.

John Oliver & Kate’s Children

John Oliver and Kate Norley do share children together. In fact, they are parents to two sons with their latest child being born in the year 2018. John Oliver’s wife Kate kept the birth of her latest son under the wraps. It was Oliver who revealed the good news during an interview with People at the 2018 Emmy Awards.

Someone asked him where he was going to keep the Emmy that he had won for outstanding variety talk series. So, he replied, “ I have no idea! We have a three-month-old, so as far away from the three-month-old as possible.” In fact, it’s also worth noting that Jimmy Fallon congratulated Oliver on his son’s arrival during a show’s episode.

Jimmy Fallon even said that he hadn’t known about that baby until he had talked to Oliver backstage. So, you must be thinking why Kate, John Oliver’s wife, and Oliver decided to hide the baby from people? Well, they kept it a secret because it didn’t matter at all.

He said, “But just like, publicity, it doesn’t feel like it’s worth making- this is not a royal baby, in terms of how far in line he is to the throne…it’s a peasant, I have a peasant child…So it didn’t even cross my mind that we should make a public thing about it, cause that seemed weird.”