Ultimate Strategies To Increase Your Instagram Story Views

Ultimate Strategies To Increase Your Instagram Story Views

Instagram Story have become a great way to advertise, socialize and share compelling stories on the platform. Also, It doesn’t matter if you are an entertainer, businessman, or just a normal user of Instagram; making use of Instagram stories is common to all. 

Moreover, for any business, expanding its market value remains a prime objective. Also, normal users want to boost their engagement with their followers. So, to increase your Instagram story views, you need impressive strategies.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about some strategies to increase the Instagram views and get more exposure. 

Top Strategies To Get More Views On Your Instagram Stories

Alright, so it’s really tough to find exciting ways to decorate your stories, right? Don’t worry. These strategies are a sure-shot way to increase the views. 

Be creative while making the stories

Creativity is the key to success. Therefore, deck up the Instagram stories with all the creative ideas you can find. Moreover, you want the followers to stick around. So they would expect to see creativity. Since an Insta Story stays up to 24 hours, you need to make the most of the blank canvas. Therefore, keep it bright and simple. 

For example:

  • If you are posting images, keep them bright and vibrant. Try to lessen the darker tones. 
  • You can also use a bluish tint on the images as a good effect. However, it depends on your own strategy.
  • Try to get that sweet depth-of-field effect. It’s wonderful if you want to highlight something or someone particular. 
  • Try to provide a trendy vibe in the short videos you share. 

Posting contents regularly on Instagram Story

You can also pin chats from your top followers on Instagram so you can reply to their texts every once in a while. Learning how to pin chat in Instagram and communicating with your top followers can also help increase your story engagement as the viewers will replying to hear back from you.

So, how often are you posting the stories? Well, you need to post them a lot to attract viewers. There are many Instagram users out there who don’t post regularly. However, studies show that those who post regularly have a higher chance of getting more viewers. As they say, the more, the merrier. So, what should you publish as your stories? Let’s check them out.

  • You can post a greatly edited photo, video, or even a Boomerang as your IG stories. You can even combine them or use any one of them. 
  • Check what sort of content your followers prefer. You can publish the stories via Instagram Insights. It can help you to make a better decision as to what you should post. 

Using Location Tags to generate more views

Suppose you want to gain more viewers from the surrounding place. It doesn’t matter if you are a normal user or an Instagram influencer or own a business profile. The reason you can use location tags in your Instagram story to increase views and reach. For example, you have gone to a great touring spot and clicked a fantastic picture. So, post it on your Instagram story and give a location tag. 

  1. Use Stickers And Take Quizzes And Questions

Have you ever thought about what the audience thinks of your content? Well, why not ask them? 

Instagram has a wonderful Sticker feature with which you can directly ask questions or make polls. Therefore, it has become easier to connect with your viewers.

Suppose you are looking to increase the reach of your brands, then you can ask the audience directly what they think of it. Maybe you are an entertainer. So, ask your followers how they feel about your recent content. 

Moreover, using IG polls has different benefits too. So, this increases your user engagement and gives you a medium to collect important data from the audience. Thereafter you can make an evaluation and proceed with contents in the future more efficiently. 

You can also take quizzes for fun because this increases the engagement between you and your followers. It’s a fun way to interact, as well as test their knowledge about you or your product (if you own a business). 

Using Hashtags to attract more viewers

This is another simple yet effective way to get more viewers on your Instagram stories. You already know what a hashtag is. But, did you know what Instagram allows you to enter 30 hashtags? These are extremely useful because they can open a huge audience pool for you. Moreover, Instagram continuously updates its algorithm. Therefore, it has become relatively easier to get a reach. 

These hashtags can also be used if you own a business. So, you can promote your brand with relative hashtags. 

Collaboration With Others To get More Viewers

Do you feel you have run out of new ideas? Don’t worry. You can also collaborate with other users on Instagram to get more success. No matter what you are doing, Collaboration remains one of the greatest ways to build a new audience and keep your old followers engaged. Moreover, it offers something more, something different. 

However, make sure that you are thinking about the target audience before collaborating because you want the partnership to be mutually beneficial. 

Summing it up:

You can use some of these interesting strategies to highlight your Instagram Story and get more viewers. It’s all about understanding what the audience needs and providing accordingly. Moreover, let’s be honest. Be real, be you. Keep posting daily, and go live. You will get wonderful results.

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