What Make Rajasthan Most Beautiful ?

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India as a country is one of the best when it comes to tourist charms. However, the best Indian city in terms of tourists who visiting Rajasthan. Some people will love to label Rajasthan as the best selling tourist city in all of India. In addition to the fact that Rajasthan as a city inhabits countless resorts and luxury tourist facilities, the city is also known for its undiluted hospitality, especially to tourists from anywhere in the world. 

Hospitality is one of the natural qualities found in people who reside on this earth with a real legacy. Although good hearted people are numerous throughout India, but what makes Rajasthan tour packages 7 days stand out in the midst of all this is the fact that the hospitality of its people is unprecedented and consistent. Its people are also very familiar with the various terrains, so they have extensive knowledge of the various destinations in the city.

As a tourist in Rajasthan, you can be sure that your driver will not only possess the necessary skills behind the wheel, but will also be well informed about the city and be familiar with the legacy of Rajasthan’s Crafts, Arts, and Building. Designs and many others. 

Most people traveling to Rajasthan for several vacations have returned with a good testimony about why Rajasthan and his people are known for their great hospitality.

As a new tourist coming to Rajasthan, you will be surprised at the many wonders that this royal city has to offer. If you come to Rajasthan to enjoy only its deserts, then you can be far from it because the many resorts you will find will be enough to keep you excited. However, your rajasthan tour packages from Delhi will not be complete if you do not experience the wonderful trip through the desert of Rajasthan. 

Rajasthan is widely known for his desert and I am sure he will be glad to know that he can take a trip through the desert. In addition to desert self desert, there are many things that the royal city of Rajasthan has to offer and it would only take an endless longing for adventure to fully explore what the city of Rajasthan has to offer. 

rajasthan tour packages

Some of the things you will expect are –

Festivals – If there are 10 festivals held in India, you can bet that 5 of them will be held in Rajasthan and you can experience theses festivals with festival of Rajasthan tour packages. This tells you that a road trip to Rajasthan from Delhi will only give you some of the best in terms of attractions. Several festivals are held in this city and you can be sure that all these festivals will be a delight to see. Some of the most famous festivals held in Rajasthan are the Pushkar camel festival, the Jaisalmer desert festival, and the Bikaner camel festival, which will be exciting to see, especially on a trip through the desert of Rajasthan.

Wildlife – In addition to the wonderful desert of Rajasthan, you can also find many wildlife places in Rajasthan. For example, the city of Rajasthan is home to the most famous tiger habitat in the world. Other wildlife centers in the city of Rajasthan are Keoladeo National Park, widely known and recognized by UNESCO.

Building Designs – Since the Rajasthan desert, many royal buildings have been built. You will be surprised at the various structural designs that have been erected in the city of Rajasthan and you will be able to savor all this and more on a trip along the rajasthan road. Some of the powerful designs to consider in Rajasthan are the Jaisalmer Forts, the Jaipur Palace and even Mount Osiyan.

Mouth Watering Meals – This is another adventure that you can expect on a Rajasthan Road trip. Rajasthan is famous for his irresistible collection of foods that are served in a very hospitable way that makes him feel very satisfied. Some of the delicious meals you can expect are Dal Bati and Misi roti. However, if you are the type that loves meat, there are also delicious chickens, muttons, and fish that will make you salivate.

Music and Dance – If you have ever witnessed a festival in India, you may have noticed that the people of Rajasthan are always available to receive guests from all over the world. Rajasthan is also rich in musical heritage and you can expect that on a trip through the desert of Rajasthan, you will be delighted with some of the best country songs and dances that will leave you happy.

Arts and Crafts – The city of Rajasthan is also widely known for the various arts and crafts designs.  The city is famous for beautiful gems, jewelry, tie, and dye works, sculpture designs and even stone crafts. On a road trip to Rajasthan, you can decide to buy some of these beautiful pieces of crafts so that you have good memories of your road trip to Rajasthan.