Ride On Mowers – What Exactly Is A Ride On Mower? Complete Guide

Ride On Mower

Maintaining a lawn can be a daunting task, especially if it’s large. But, with the advent of ride-on lawn mowers, taking care of your lawn has never been easier. These mowers are designed to make mowing a breeze, saving you time, effort, and energy. 

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner, a ride on mower is a must-have tool. In this article we will be taking about it in further detail and see if these are worth your money or not.

What Exactly Is A Ride On Mower?

A ride on mower is a lawn mower that you sit on while operating. It’s like a small tractor that’s equipped with a cutting deck to mow your lawn. These mowers come in various sizes, making them suitable for lawns of all sizes, from small residential lawns to large commercial properties. Here’s what you need to know about ride-on lawn mowers:

  • Design: Ride on mowers come in a variety of designs, including zero-turn mowers, lawn tractors, and garden tractors. They have a seat for you to sit on and control the mower, and they come with a cutting deck to mow your grass.
  • Engine: Most of them have a gas-powered engine, but there are also electric and battery-powered options available. The engine powers the cutting deck, making it easier to mow your lawn.
  • Cutting deck: The cutting deck is the part of the mower that actually mows your grass. Ride-on mowers typically have larger cutting decks than traditional push mowers, making it possible to cover more ground in less time.
  • Features: Many of them come with additional features, such as grass catchers, mulching kits, and snow plows. These features make the mower even more versatile, allowing you to use it for a variety of tasks.

Benefits of Using a Ride on Mower


The most significant advantage of using a ride on mower is that it saves you time. You can cover more ground in a shorter amount of time compared to using a push mower. This means you can get your mowing done faster and have more time for other tasks.


These are effortless to operate. You don’t have to push it or walk behind it, you simply sit on it and steer. This makes mowing your lawn much easier, especially if you have a large lawn.


Most of them are designed with comfort in mind. They come with adjustable seats, armrests, and footrests, making it comfortable to operate for extended periods.


They come with various attachments, such as a grass catcher, mulching kit, or a snow plow, making them versatile tools for your lawn care needs.

Increased productivity

These are much faster than push mowers, and their larger cutting decks can cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. This means you can get your mowing done faster and have more time for other tasks.

Ride on Mowers Purchase Guide

If you’re thinking about buying a ride on mower, there are some things you need to keep in mind to make the best decision:

  1. The scale of your field is an important factor when selecting a mower. A garden mower or zero-turn cutter may be an excellent option if you have a tiny lawn. A lawn cutter is a better alternative if you have a big yard because it is meant to cover more land fast and effectively.
  2. Your lawn’s terrain might also affect your pick. If your field is hilly, you should select a mower deck with high ground level and a strong engine to manage the steep inclines. A zero-turn mowers may be a good option if your grass is pretty level.
  3. The price of ride-on lawn mowers highly variable based on the model and services they provide. When selecting a mower, keep your budget in mind and choose one that fulfils your demands while remaining within your budget.
  4. Regular maintenance is essential for any lawn mower, even ride-on mowers. Consider each mower’s maintenance requirements and select one that is simple to maintain and keep in fine working condition.
  5. Some ride-on mowers have extras like grass collectors, spotlights, or even cup holders. Consider which qualities are most important for you and buy a mower with them.
  6. Take into account the name and reputation of any mower you’re buying. Select a respected brand that has a proven track record of creating high-quality, dependable mowers.

You’ll be on your way to selecting the best ride-on mower for your requirements if you keep these factors in mind. It is a useful asset that will simplify your life simpler and let you get the work done more effectively, whether you are a homeowner with a big lawn or a skilled landscaper.

Disadvantages of Getting a Ride On Mower

While ride-on mowers can be convenient and efficient tools for maintaining your lawn, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider.

They can be more expensive than traditional push mowers, making them a significant investment. Consider your budget and whether the cost is worth it for your needs. Besides that, they require regular maintenance, including oil changes, filter replacements, and blade sharpening. This can add to the cost of ownership and may require a significant amount of time.

Ride-on mowers are larger than traditional push mowers, making them difficult to store. You’ll need a garage or storage shed with enough space to accommodate the mower. Additionally these can be can be difficult to handle on steep terrain, as they can tip over or lose traction. If you have a hilly lawn, a traditional push mower may be a better option.

Lastly, some mowers can be complex to operate, especially if you’re not familiar with the specific model you’re using. This can make it difficult to get the most out of your mower.


If you’re looking for a way to make your lawn care easier and more efficient, a ride on mower is the tool for you. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner, these mowers offer a range of benefits that make mowing your lawn a breeze. So, consider investing in a ride-on lawn mower today and see the difference for yourself. Read this article to learn more about its features, pros and cons in detail.

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