Tools & Preparations to Get Started with Woodworking in An Apartment

Tools & Preparations to Get Started with Woodworking in An Apartment

To do woodwork in your apartment, you will need a saw, drill, workstation, quality woods, and soundproofing. Start with small-scale projects

Woodwork, when done correctly, could give some aesthetic benefits to your house, and can even serve different purposes, depending on what type of work you are trying to do.

You can create an extra spare room or use a small space and turn it into a wall cabinet. Many other opportunities are there, you just need to use your imagination. But why do people still stay away from these woodworks? Well, mostly because they live in an apartment and do not have a garage or basement, which they can turn into their workstation.

But you do not necessarily need to have a large space to use your woodworking skills. You just need to be careful and envision what you want.

The Right Set Of Tools

Woodworking requires a lot of hard work, creativity, and the right equipment. Wrong tools could prove problematic and even can cause disasters. Therefore you need the perfect tools for doing any woodworking project in your apartment.

Here is a list of must-have tools for woodworking-

1. A Small Saw

You are going to need a saw. How else are you going to cut the wood plank into the right shape? 

But as you are inside an apartment, getting a large table saw or miter saw is out of the question. 

A chainsaw could work, but the huge noise is going to irritate people around you. So the only option you have is a plain saw.

So buy one mini saw and experience the difference. These will be lightweight, portable, and efficient to work in small places. 

2. Portable Drill

You need to drill holes in your wood to attach some nuts and bolts to keep them together. 

And to do that, you need drills. Well, there are different drills and drill bits, but be sure to buy portable, non-wire drills which are very convenient and offer you better maneuverability.

3. Workbench

To enable a swift and easy cutting without stressing up your muscles too much, you can get a workbench or a worktable where you can cut the woods as per your requirements.

Try to get a foldable table as they are easier to carry around, and will also prevent dust from getting all over the place, as it will settle on the table which can be removed easily.

You also have to know about a few different woodcuts as you work on your workstation.

4. The perfect Lumber

You will need quality lumber to make good wooden projects. So after buying the saw, you need to look for the perfect wood that fits the type of work you are going to do. 

Look for the perfect texture, thickness, length & width for your work. You can find them in your local hardware store, so getting the desired lumber will not be a hassle.

Soundproof The Place

Cutting wood could get noisy, really noisy! You do not want to bother your neighbors, right? Because you might be in a bit of trouble if they file a noise complaint against you. 

So the easiest solution is to soundproof the place, around the wall where you are sawing the wood. You can use upholstered furniture or thick blankets to cover the walls and space.

The soundproof walls will absorb all the noise, preventing it from bothering your neighbors.

Manage The Dust Particles

Ok, now we are ready for chopping and slicing up those woods. But wait, there is still one thing left that needs to be done.

Chopping up and slicing the woods will create a lot of dust particles, and they can get messy. They will settle on your sofa, carpet, your expensive television, and your family members will not like it one bit. 

Sawdust can also trigger allergies and breathing problems for people with severe respiratory problems.

So how to handle this?

Get a dust collector! Simple, yet effective. If you are using power tools such as an electric saw, they will create a lot of dust, and a dust collector will easily remove these clouds of dust.

What Projects Can You Work On?

Now that you are all prepared, what sort of woodwork do you want to do? There are different ideas for different people.

But for the people living in an apartment, the choices can sometimes be limited. Since space is small, you are mostly restricted to making small-scale projects.

Some small-scale projects include a cupboard, a cabinet, some chairs, tables, some plant pots, a bookshelf. 

It all depends on your imagination and creativity. These can easily be done by yourself in the apartment.

But if you have a large space by any chance, suppose a garage or a spare room, there are many more things you can do. 

You can make a bottle rack, a large storage box, a basket holder, hanging planters, you can even make a whole bed if you have the time.

If you are expecting a baby then try creating a wooden crib.

Experience the difference

Once you finish your work, you will see a significant difference. What sort of difference? Well, first, you are the one who created it so kudos to that.

There are a lot of times when you will browse through a catalog and find wooden furniture or objects you like. But it may be too expensive or out of stock.

In that case, you can try to make your version of it. It is a cost-effective yet amazing experience.

Final Thoughts

Woodworking does not necessarily mean you need a big place; it can be done even in a small space. You might question why would I bother in the first place? Well because it gives you the scope to use your creativity, the cost is also pretty low compared to buying the same thing and since you are doing it yourself you can rest assured regarding the quality.

There are many books and guides which you can study to get a better hold of your woodworking skills and create even more fascinating things. So go out there and do your best.