The Most Common Jobs That Require Travel

The Most Common Jobs That Require Travel

In a world where people place more value on experiences than physical possessions having a job that also allows you to see the world is more prized than ever.  

But if your goal is to have one of the jobs that require travel sometimes knowing where to begin can be an obstacle. 

Have no fear because we will now go through some of the most common jobs that require travel so that you can start to have an idea of what options are out there for you.

Flight Attendant 

The most well-known job that requires international travel is that of a flight attendant. Literally, not knowing where their career will take them is what draws many into this field.

The job also comes with many potential benefits such as discounted flights for you and your family, hotels, and more depending on the airline. 

Airlines also vary in their requirements, however being over 18, a high school education, holding a valid passport and 20/40 vision some of the most basic requirements. Some may also have height requirements and run background checks and drug tests. It also is desirable to have experience in some customer-facing positions or to have a degree in hospitality or tourism.

Truck Driver 

If the chance to experience the freedom of being out on the open road with no one to answer a dream for you then becoming a Truck Driver may be right up your street. 

The foundation of any economy, being a truck driver means that you are in a profession with job security unlike any other. Additionally, you will become more acquainted with your country and even your continent than most people would ever dream. 

All you need to get started is a commercial driver’s license through your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle and attend a driving school and you will be on your way!

Event Planner 

Becoming an Event Planner is such a wonderful option because it is one of the few professions where the hard graft of gaining experience could lead you to a very lucrative career regardless of your qualifications. 

Completing an events management or hospitality course will no doubt prove advantageous in this stressful yet rewarding role.  

If you possess great organizational skills and are a savvy problem-solver, and love traveling for work, then this profession could see you being whisked across the world to set up anything from conferences to weddings.   

Foreign Service Officer

A more exotic choice would be to work for the Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer.

These civil servants have the possibility of being posted in a multitude of countries around the world usually for a minimum of 2 years with the option of bidding for positions in new countries once your time is up adds to the excitement of the role. 

The work usually involves you choosing 1 of 5 career paths ranging from public diplomacy to politics.  

If good pay, vacation time, team housing solutions, learning new languages, and constant career progression are the perks you desire this may be the job you are looking for!

Jobs That Require Travel May Be for You!

We hope running through these jobs that require travel has got your mind thinking.

Who knows maybe one day you may attain what is envied by many by satisfying your wanderlust as you earn your salary?

Be sure to check out our other travel-related content for more ideas about your next trip!