What are the Things to Check if You are Organising a Pool Party in Your Housing Society this Summer?

Organising a Pool Party

Here comes summer! The scorching heat is waiting in queues to pounce on your life. However, summer is not that unpleasant. You can always have a pool party with your friends with a stock of cool beverages and delicious food. Yes, music too!

The modern-day flats in the city come with a host of amenities and a swimming pool is one of them. If you own 3 BHK flats in EM Bypass, Kolkata, you can definitely fancy a pool party with your near and dear ones by the pool.

However, organising a pool party is not a walk in the park. You need to take care of multiple things at a time. If you are desire a safe and fun pool party, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will discuss how to plan the perfect pool party.

Clean the Pool Area- Take help of the housing society and hire professionals to clean the swimming pool. Clean water is a mandate for any pool party. Ensure that the water is freshly filled.

Arrange Food and Beverages- Any party is incomplete without proper food. This is why food and drinks should be one of the first things to be taken care of. Opt for light snacks and hard beverages.

Music, Music, and Music- Good food, fun activities, and pumping beats- these are exactly what you expect when you go to a pool party. Anything more than that is a bonus and anything less than that is something not worth it. Arrange for poolside speakers. Choose party-theme tracks! Don’t make it unnecessarily loud as it may disrupt conversations between the people participating in the party.  

Accessories- One of the main accessories which you will need in a pool party is a lot of towels. Added to that, you can store other accessories like sunscreens, sunglasses, and a few comfy chairs. You can also decorate the pool with themed toys such as a baby dolphin.

Space Management- Divide the area around the swimming pool. Make sure to provide an area where guests can change. Keep a separate area for barbeque and games.

Ensure Safety- Keep the pool clean and non-slippery to avoid accidents. Keep a first aid kit handy.

Decoration- Keep a separate table where you can keep the food and beverages. Use clean table cloth. Avoid using light coloured table cloths. Use lights. Themed lights and a disco ball can be a great idea. Decorate the pool area with catchy accessories like hookah pot and stars.

All set. You are good to go.

Enjoy a Scintillating Summer at a Modern-day Apartment

All of us want a bit of respite from the deadly hit of the summer. And what better than a fascinating party by the pool with near and dear ones. The modern-day apartments in South Kolkata help you to get the best taste of summer.

The flats in premium locations like 3 BHK flats in EM Bypass, Kolkata offer great value for money. These flats come with a host of modern amenities like coffee parlour, gym, multi-purpose playgrounds, spa and meditation parlour, Wi-fi zone, and more.  Also a swimming pool, obviously.

Apart from a boatload of amenities, these apartments come with a spectacular setting. The main reason behind that is the incredible setting. An abundance of natural elements makes them ideal for living.

The fine blend of nature and modern amenities contribute towards a heavenly atmosphere for pool parties.    

Embrace a gala time with your family and friends this summer at a modern-day apartment.