The 5 Most popular Criminal Justice Professions

Criminal Justice

You’re working towards your degree in criminology, or perhaps you’ve just completed your degree and are looking to jump into a rewarding career in Criminal Justice. Maybe you are looking for more than just having a job, and you want stability during your uncertain economic times.

If you are unsure of what path to follow or even how you’ll get there, you need to understand some of the most famous criminal justice professionals to determine which one might be right for you. For instance, if you are inclined to become a lawyer, you can consult with one from Stroleny Law, P.A., to learn more about the profession. There are many criminal justice careers to choose from, including:

  • Private investigators
  • Lawyers
  • Paralegals
  • Federal marshals
  • Forensics analyst
  • Correction officers and many others

Things You Should Know When Choosing A Career In Criminal Justice

If you desire to work in the Criminal Justice field, you should know that the jobs involved are not meant for the faint-hearted. It is a sacrifice to contribute towards safeguarding society and making it a better place. It can be mentally and physically draining depending on the particular career you pursue in the field.

Criminal Justice is broad and features many branches that you can choose from. The responsibilities are endless, whether you want to sit behind the desk or to conduct investigations out in the field, feeling the adrenaline rush. Criminal Justice can be found on all levels, from federal, state, county, state, and private.

Some of the things you should know about a profession in Criminal Justice are:

  • Knowledge of the law
  • The roles of the career within the judicial system
  • It’s nothing like what you see on T.V.
  • You need experience
  • You will need to know more than just the law

Popular Jobs In Criminal Justice

The first step towards starting a journey in Criminal Justice is to gain the knowledge and education needed to thrive in the field. You should begin by studying Criminal Justice at a credited Institution.

  • Lawyers

Criminal lawyers’ primary role is to represent defendants in the criminal court at the state, federal, and local levels. They give clients legal counsel on the course of action to take, help to gather evidence and other information relevant to your case. Generally, their job includes:

  • Generating exhibits to show in court
  • Perform legal search
  • Develop arguments to counter the prosecutor’s charges
  • Analyze and assess the crime scene
  • Private investigators

Private investigators come in specific types, including:

    • Legal investigators: they serve legal documents, arrange criminal defenses, and find witnesses.
    • Financial investigators: their primary focus is on gathering financial information for companies and individuals seeking substantial financial transactions or attempting to recover economic damages.
  • Corporate investigators perform internal investigations for corporations for issues such as drug abuse at the workplace and misuse of funds. They can also conduct external investigations to attempt to stop fraud from a supplier.
  • Computer forensic investigators help to recover deleted documents, emails, and photographs and present any information gathered on a computer as evidence.
  • Forensic Psychologists

This is a forensic field related to criminology. It involves the study of behavior to help in investigating crime. Additionally, forensic psychologists study the habits of criminals to better learn about criminal minds. In some instances, they can interview criminals and also predict crime. Before you can pursue a career in forensic psychology, you should understand that it is a highly specialized position that requires thorough and extensive research to help solve the puzzles of an investigation. 

Forensic psychologists also help to treat incarcerated criminals for mental illnesses and substance abuse.

  • Paralegals

Paralegals usually work with law offices, law firms, license service companies, corporations, public notaries, bankruptcy firms, or independent consultants. They perform various tasks, including collecting, organizing, and analyzing information used for trials, meetings, hearings, and other proceedings.

They also help in preparing tax returns, creating trust funds for clients, and estate planning.

  • Court Clerks

The main task of court clerks is to offer clerical support in the court system. They undertake a couple of administrative tasks, including maintaining financial records, collecting fees, issuing permits and licenses, retrieving information for judges.

Criminal Justice is a broad field covering many, from police officers to scientists that help in investigations. With the different areas of specialization in the field, it is essential to identify the category you want. Consider what is required of every field, including their duties and responsibilities and the necessary conditions for each specialty.