Offbeat Career Options After Completing Your BBA

Offbeat Career Options After Completing Your BBA


Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year undergraduate degree in business studies. It is one of the most popular courses for students who aspire to pursue their careers in the areas of business, management, and marketing.

A BBA in business science is proven coursework that includes the fundamentals of business education. BBA is designed to equip you with an all impassive knowledge of the functional aspects of a company, while also equipping you with the knowledge of “core subjects.” BBA graduates develop impressive practical and management skills, in addition to soft skills such as communication, decision-making, and professional etiquette. These skills are developed with semester study, diverse curriculums, internships, industrial visits, and training sessions. 

The BBA Curriculum

The BBA syllabus is spread over six semesters. Each semester consists of subjects that pertain to various fundamentals of business education.

  • The first semester contains accounting, finance, management, quantitative aptitude, and IT.
  • The second and third semesters cover accounting, marketing, tax, insurance, and operation research.
  • The fourth and fifth semesters cover customer relationship management, research methodology, business law, and advanced finance electives.
  • The final semester includes supply chain management, international business, entrepreneurship, and business planning.

Seven Reasons Why BBA Enables a Career of Dreams

  1. Easy Admission Process

    Unlike the highly competitive entrance process of other undergraduate courses, BBA admissions are comparatively easy and achievable for most 12th pass-outs.

  2. Manageable Curriculum

    The BBA curriculum covers the basics of business education and includes only the baseline topics. This allows students to dip their toes into the vast field of business studies and figure out what works best for them.

  3. Affordable Education

    A BBA course is a comparatively affordable degree and a major recluse from other undergraduate degrees such as B.Tech and B.Com. It is widely available and the best colleges in Indore and the country provides it.

  4. Wide Coverage

    The BBA coursework covers a multitude of subjects that pertain to the interests and inclinations of a business science major. The coverage is a significant reminder that BBA is an inclusive course that prepares every graduate for the next step in their career.

  5. Mainstream Popularity

    A BBA from RIMS, Indore, is a massively popular course with national acclamation, ranking only after B.Com as the most sought-after undergraduate degree for the commerce stream. The reach and popularity ensure that hiring agents from all across the country understand the relevance of the course and all that it pertains to.

  6. Best Pass-out Ratio

    Nearly 90% of students who enroll in the course graduate with a degree, which is higher than most professional degrees. The possibility of getting a degree makes it a higher appeal to the audience.

  7. Return on Investment

    Most graduates are able to land a job in their chosen fields almost immediately after graduation from the best BBA college in Indore. This means that they are able to make their fee amount within a year, which is an outstanding ROI in terms of undergraduate degrees.

Life After BBA

BBA is a highly sought-after undergraduate degree, and it is a fantastic career opener as well. Those who want to complete their BBA and enter a far-traditional route in management, marketing, business, and law, are more than welcome.

For those who aren’t, here’s how you can start a brand-new chapter in your life with an offbeat career choice: 

Seven Fantastic and Offbeat Career Options For BBA Graduates 

  1. Real estate agent

    Real-estate agents are professionals who work in the field of buying and selling homes to people. They are responsible for scouting properties, garnering offers, preparing lucrative deals, and getting the best bang for a buck for people who are interested in investing their life savings into a building but don’t know which property to buy or invest in.

    BBA is a street-smart course that teaches you a comprehensive understanding of the market and trains you in the art of negotiation.  
  2. Salesperson

    A salesperson does the job of selling the products/services of an enterprise. Salespeople represent the company and are responsible for building and retaining the clientele of a company. It is an important position that determines the profit of the company.

    Since BBA is a business savvy degree, the sales executive is the perfect position for graduates to build a career in. 
  3. Government Official

    Although most government seats are filled through national exams, there are some positions that can be availed through private selections and interviews. One of which is that in government embassies.

    BBA’s turn students into working professionals who are ready to work in embassies and represent their customers, here and abroad.  
  4. Stock trader

    Stock traders are professional stock investors who derive their livelihood through profits made via stock dealings. It is a high-risk position and involves a highly responsible and stable person to accomplish the task.

    BBA semesters include stocks, taxation, and the common knowledge of trading, which prepares graduates to start their careers in the field.  
  5. Writer

    Creative writers are the backbone of the online economy. Every business needs a copywriter, and every niche company expects writers to have a baseline knowledge about their products.

    BBA graduates can venture into the field with seminal knowledge about marketing, commerce, business, etc, and make a lucrative career for themselves.  
  6. Educator
    Educators in the form of private coaching, online classes, and professional teaching are a must-need in every industry. BBA graduates who are passionate about the art of teaching can pursue a career in writing and make a name for themselves in this field. 
  7. Translator

    The global world runs on qualified translators and language experts who bridge the language gap between powerful people. It is an important job with tons of vacancies appearing each year. 

In conclusion,

BBA graduates, you don’t have to limit yourself to a career in law and marketing after graduating. Tons of really interesting avenues open up for people who want to try their hand at offbeat careers. Here’s all that you can try, and more. Good luck!