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Berkovich Anna is a businesswoman and founder of the large Alibra School network of language centers where innovative methods are used to teach English and other popular foreign languages.

Berkovich Anna: Early Life

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich was born in Leningrad. She has been very determined from an early age, and she attended one of the best physics and mathematics schools in the Northern Capital. She also notes that her father actively instilled in her and her younger sister a love for studying and physical activity, which greatly helped the future entrepreneur later in life.

The Anna Berkovich biography was bound up with engineering and energy from childhood thanks to her parents’ work, and she herself studied physics and mechanics at Leningrad Polytechnic (now called Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University). She was awarded a master’s degree in technical sciences with a concentration in machine dynamics and strength.

The Anna Berkovich biography as an entrepreneur began even in her first year of college. It all started with book sales. Her rare publications sold well, but the business was far from easy. Later, she tried her hand at selling computers and computer accessories, as well as in the confectionery business. Anna Arkadievna Berkovich never worked for anyone else on principle, preferring the freedom of owning her own business.

Anna Berkovich decided she needed to master English to develop her business, but there was a scarcity of language courses in the country in the 1990s, and those that did exist usually operated with outdated and ineffective methods. Thus, Berkovich Anna Arkadievna went abroad to study languages.

She spent several years abroad going through several different courses with advanced teaching methods. The Anna Berkovich biography changed dramatically as a result – she decided to start her own English language school. The first center opened in St. Petersburg in 2000. From the first days, students of the new school were impressed by the high-quality teaching and service. Berkovich Anna Arkadievna initially developed her school based on intuition and book knowledge, which she quickly realized needed to be clearly structured.

Anna Berkovich: Big Business Idea

Linguistic professionals took up the task of developing a teaching system that adapted Western standards to local conditions, according to the vision of Anna Berkovich. Biography of her school took a serious step in 2002 with the opening of a methodological center where the founder’s methods were fully developed. It was then that the school opened its first branch in the capital, followed by branches in various other cities.

Anna Berkovich graduated from the RANEPA Higher School of International Business with an MBA in 2006. Anna Berkovich also studied at the RANEPA Higher School of Corporate Management, where she earned a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) – the highest professional degree for a business manager. Prominent domestic economists have repeatedly referred to the research of Berkovich Anna Arkadievna in their publications. The entrepreneur immediately put the knowledge from her studies into practice.

Anna Berkovich moved the central office of her school from St. Petersburg to the capital in 2007. A year later, the educational institution opened branches in Kazan and Ekaterinburg. In 2009, the network began offering more languages, with the addition of Spanish, Italian, and French. At the same time, Alibra School introduced special international language exam preparation courses.

The school is now a certified Cambridge examination center, proctoring a range of international English tests, including the Key English Test, Young Learners English, Business English Certificate, and others, available for both adults and teenagers. The school also offers other popular international exams such as TOEFL and IELTS.

Anna Berkovich notes that students of Alibra School pass these exams four times faster than students from other language schools. Passing such an exam can lead to prestigious employment in international firms or admission to foreign universities. In 2010, the company rebranded, changing its name from Runov School to Alibra School. A year later, the network already had 15 branches and 65,000 alumni. Meanwhile, the school’s methodologists continued to introduce new programs, including a phonetic course for improving pronunciation.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich and the Digital Era

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich advocated for the use of digital platforms alongside traditional educational systems, and the school actively developed online programs throughout the 2010s. The founder believes that artificial intelligence cannot completely replace a human teacher and mobile language apps on their own cannot significantly improve language skills. Starting in 2012, the educational center of Berkovich Anna began offering the Alibra Online distance learning platform. In 2015, a mobile app called Alibra Sky was launched, where users can study up to five languages simultaneously.

Anna Berkovich was one of the first in the country to study and implement in her schools the Net Promoter Score system – a ten-point scale index that determines customer loyalty to a brand. According to Anna Arkadievna Berkovich, 60% of Alibra School’s sales come from loyal customers.

In 2012, Alibra School produced new European-level teaching materials and formed partnerships with top language schools in the United Kingdom, Germany, Malta, and other countries. In the following years, the network actively expanded with new courses and languages thanks to the network’s team of highly qualified professionals. In 2016, the total number of students at the school reached 170,000.

Anna Berkovich noted in 2018 that the demand for learning foreign languages remained high despite several years of economic stagnation. However, many small language schools were forced to close as consumer demands increased, with customers becoming more careful about not wasting their money. According to Anna Arkadievna Berkovich, the number of Alibra School students increased by 40% in just one year, facilitated by the school’s efforts to develop its online learning system in 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread shift to remote learning.

Anna Berkovich: Biography Beyond Work

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna is married. She met her husband in college, with whom she has two children. Anna Berkovich tries to spend her free time with her family and loved ones. Her hobbies include traveling, skiing, reading, and music. The Anna Berkovich biography also includes charitable activities, including regular donations to the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation.

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