Laticia Rolle – Bio, Height, Age, Net Worth and Relationship

Laticia Rolle

To begin with, Laticia Rolle is a multi-talented person. She is a model, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. Her blog Bluhazi is one of the famous blog sites currently. In simple terms, Laticia is a popular fashion blogger.

Read through the article to know more about Laticia Rolle. Here in the article, we will share information on her personal life, boyfriend, professional life, and much more.

Summary on Laticia Rolle

As mentioned in the first paragraph of the article she is a famous model and a blogger. Recently she hit the news because of her dating life. Laticia is dating a famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. He is a legend in the basketball field.

But Laticia is not famous just for dating a basketball legend. Even before the news of her dating life hit the news she is pretty well-known. Rolle is an interesting person; she has achieved a lot in her life. She has ventured into multiple high-profile fields.

Laticia is a model, designer, a businesswoman, and also a blogger. Check the latter part of the article to know more about his stunning woman.

Laticia Rolle

A note on the early life of Laticia Rolle

The birth of Laticia took place in the year 1988. Firstly, her date of birth is 11 February 1988. Secondly, Laticia was born in Massachusetts in the United States of America. She is currently 32 years old and living in the USA. Laticia’s parents are Alverez Frederick and Nancy Lee Rolle.

Laticia comes from a big and happy family. She has four beautiful siblings that she is close too. Their names are Gisemi Rolle, Xavier Rolle, D’Ana Rolle, and Elijah Rolle. Being a part of such big happily Laticia childhood had no dull moments. The family was a happy one with a lot of smiles and fun.

But tragedy hit the family through their father’s injury. Her father has an injury when Laticia was ten years old. Soon after this, her father lost work. During this period Rolle’s family went through harsh times.

What did Laticia Rolle study?

Growing up in a big and happy family Laticia had no short of education at home. There was plenty of opportunity at home for Rolle to learn life skills. Apart from this she also went to a regular school. She went to Eckerd College for basic education. Later on, she moved to Worcester academy for high school.

Laticia Rolle

After completing her high school graduation she went to college. She went to Eckerd University at Petersburg in Florida. At the college, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business management and communication.

In addition to this, Rolle is also an athletic person. She liked basketball from a young age. The sport was first taught to her by her father. Then, she went on to play for the school basketball team.

The career of Laticia Rolle

Tough Laticia Rolle was good at basketball she did not want to be a professional player. After completing university education she pursued a career in business and blogging.

Blog BluHazl was begun by Laticia with the help of her sister. The blog shared a ton of information on fashion, nutrition, lifestyle, and healthy products. Mostly, the blog shared information on tips on better living for their female readers. In a way, the blog was encourages female readers to opt for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

In some time their blog becomes famous and it had thousands of subscribers. This was the first reason for the fame of Laticia. The blog also brought in a good income for the sisters. Additionally, she is also a model. Laticia modeling has taken up her Instagram account with many followers.

On the other hand, she is also an entrepreneur. Laticia’s dream is to own a restaurant. Ever since in high school, Laticia wanted to be a successful person in her life.

Who is Laticia Rolle dating?

As mentioned earlier in the article she is dating a basketball legend. NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and Laticia Rolle are in a relationship. The couple met each other in Tampa, Florida. At that time Laticia was working as a hostess in a bar.

In fact, the couple started dating in March of 2014. Soon into their dating life, they fell head over heels with one another. In 2017 there were rumors of engagement of the couple. Shaq proposed to Laticia on twitter account. But soon in 2018 they broke-up and parted their ways.

The break-up of the couple was very surprising. Even more, Laticia had a tough time dealing with her break-up with Shaq.

What is the net worth of Laticia Rolle?

The estimation of Laticia’s net worth as of 2020 is 2,000,000 – 4,000,000 US dollars. Her successful blog with her sister is the source of her income. Apart from this, she also earns through her modeling career.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Laticia Rolle is a successful blogger and a model. Later, she was in a relationship with a basketball legend but broke-up in 2018. Her source of income is blogging but she earns well from her blog. Apart, from this Laticia is very close to her family.

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