Top 10 Alternatives of SolarMovie to Watch Movies Online Free

Top 10 Alternatives of SolarMovie to Watch Movies Online Free

To begin with, SolarMovie is one of the best online websites to watch movies. Further, web-based platforms like solar movies are very popular these days. Also, these platforms are free of cost. Hence, it can be visited to watch solar movie movies without any subscription.


Read through the article to know more about web-based platforms. Also, the article will include ten alternative websites to SolarMovie.

List Of Ten Alternatives Of SolarMovie To Watch Movies Online Free

1. Vumoo

The first web-based platform that is an alternative to solar movies is Vumoo.

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In the first place, Vumoo.To is one of the best online websites for watching movies. Furthers, the website is free of cost. It can be visited by any person to watch various movies. Also, the website provides access to multiple entertainment media.

Furthermore, Vumoo.To offers free access to movies and television series. The website also includes multiple documentaries to enjoy. Also, registration to the website is not compulsory. Most movies can be seen without any registration. However, registering to the website also has benefits. One main benefit of registering to Vumoo.To is unlimited access. Finally, getting unlimited access increases the choice of viewers.

But one drawback of the website is disorganization. The website is not organized as other platforms available online.

2. Movie4K

The next web-based platform in our list that is alternate to solar movies is Movie4K. Similar to solar movies, movie4K is also a free platform. The platform can be accessed free of cost. Also, the website movie4K is considered an online library for movies. It is because the platform has the biggest collection of movies and series.

In Movie4k, users can play movies, TV series and documentaries for free. You can even download movies.

Furthermore, accessing your favourite movie or show is easier on movie4K. The website divides its platform into various categories. It includes show and movies under different genres. The quality of the video is also available in different forms. The videos on Movie4k can be accessed in HD quality or 1080p, 720p etc. Finally, watching videos on Movie4K is free without any payment or registration.’

3. YIFY Movies

The third web-based platform on our list for watching online movies free is YIFY movies. Further, YIFY is one of the ten best alternatives to solar movies. YIFY movies web-based platform provided viewing of movies online free.

YIFY Movies

In addition to this, one best feature of the website is sorting. The visitors of YIFY movies have appreciated the sorting feature. Also, the website included filter options for easy finding of movies. The filtration includes searching of movies through genre and year of release.

Furthermore, YIFY movies included a rating of movies. These ratings are useful to decide if or not to watch a video. Finally, a YIFY movie was a torrent website that can be converted recently. Today the website is an online streaming platform.

But one drawback of the website is pop-up ads.

4. Tubi TV

The fourth web-based platform for accessing free online videos is Tubitv. Further, the website is also one of the ten alternative platforms for solar movies.

Tubi TV
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Tubi TV is one of the best platforms to watch movies in HD quality. Also, the website has a huge collection of classic movies. In addition to this Tubitv app can be downloaded on your Smartphone. The application is supported by iOS and Android.

Lastly, Tubitv web-based platform streams live channels. Some of the channels that the platform streams are as follows:

  • Baby First
  • Dove
  • CONtv

5. Putlockers

The fifth web-based platform that is an alternative to solar movies is put lockers. Further, putlockers is one of the oldest web-based online streaming platforms. The platform includes a huge collection of television series and movies.


Furthermore, putlockers streams videos in multiple languages. One of the best features of the website is easy to access. Also, watching videos on the website is free of cost.

Viewers need not pay or subscribe for watching videos on the platform. However, one drawback of the site is the address. Put lockers web address keeps changing.

6. Cmovies

The fifth and the best alternative website for SolarMovie is Cmovies. Further, the platform is one of the popular online streaming platforms. Also, Cmovies is very clear and easy to access. The online streaming platform Cmovies is very organized. It includes various tabs for searching for your favourite shows.

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Even more, Cmovies can be accessed for watching series and movies. Also, the movies on the web platform are listed under genre and country. Finally, the platform also includes multiple streaming servers. However, Cmovies can be accessed to watch videos without downloading.

7. Watch free

The seventh web-based platform for online streaming is watching free. Further, the web-based platform is also an alternative to solar movies.

In the first place, watch free is one of the oldest online streaming platforms. Here, people can view videos and series without any sing up. Also, accessing videos on watch free is easy. The videos can be viewed without downloading them.

Also, the website offers details on movies or television series. The details included in the website are rating, cast and director. Finally, in case it asks for registration, avoid it and click on play.

8. Yomovies

The next web-based platform on our list is Yomovies. Similar to the previously mentioned seven websites, Yomovies is also free. Further, it is one of the top best alternatives to SolarMovie.

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To begin with, Yomovies offer movies of various categories. It divided movies not just by genre but also through type. Yomovies stream the following movies:

  • Hollywood movies
  • Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies
  • Punjabi movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • 18+ movies
  • South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
  • Telugu Movies

Yomovies platform is compatible with all kinds of viewers. It is mainly because the platform includes various types of movies. In addition to movies, the website also streams television series. Furthermore, Yomovies can be used to watch movies under various categories. The movies are sorted by rating, top trending and high user rating.

Finally, the movies under the platform are also alphabetically categorized. Hence, accessing movies is easy and convenient on Yomovies.

9. Movie Joy

The ninth web-based platform for watching movies online fee is Movie Joy. Also, the Movie Joy platform is an alternative to SolarMovie. Similar to solar movies, Movie Joy also streams videos online for free. Here, viewers can access movies without registration. Furthermore, these movies can be viewed without downloading them.

However, one drawback of the website is an advertisement. Sometimes the viewers may have to watch an ad in between the streaming. But there is no problem with pop-up ads on the platform. Finally, Movie Joy offers to download movies and series. The downloaded videos can be viewed on a computer and phones.

10. Yes movies

The last and the most important platform for online streaming in our list are yes movies. Furthermore, the web-based platform Yes movies are very popular. It is also the oldest in the industry that streams videos of various categories.

Yes movies

Yesmovies platform is the last alternative in our list for solar movies. The website is free and doesn’t require registration. Watching videos of any kind is free on the website. Further, the platform hosts multiple movies and television series.

Furthermore, yesmovies has a huge collection of movies to choose from. Most of these movies are new and trending. Also, watching any movie or television series is free. Even more, yes movies list the movies and TV series under different categories. Finding your favourite show on the platform is very easy. In addition to searching, streaming videos on the platform are also easy.

Finally, the website apart from movies included drama and documentaries. So, why wait to visit Yesmovies and start enjoying your movie.

Advantages of online streaming platforms like SolarMovie

Some of the main advantages of web-based platforms like solar movie movies are as follow:

  • Web-based platforms like solar movies and its alternative are easy to access
  • The next advantage of these platforms is the cost. Most of the web-based online streaming listed in the article is free. Viewers need not spend a penny to enjoy their favourite videos.
  • The third advantage of these websites is access to multiple videos. An online streaming platform like SolarMovie SC includes a huge collection of videos. These videos belong to a different genre, language, rating and quality.
  • The last advantage of the online streaming platform is convenience. Online streaming platforms listed in the article are convenient to visit. These platforms can be visited to watch multiple videos. Also, the videos can be enjoyed within the comfort of your home.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, the internet and technology have made life easy. SolarMovie C is Online streaming platforms are one of the best inventions of technology. There are thousands of web-based platforms for watching movies online. But the article mentions the ten best online platforms for watching movies. Lastly, the websites mentioned in the article allows watching videos without subscriptions.

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