1stKissManga: Everything About This Online Manga Website

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If you are a manga fan and are looking for an incredible collection of manga, then 1stKissManga will be a great place for you. In fact, it is a greatly popular site among global audiences. What makes this website very attractive, is the vivid categorisation of manga into various genres like Adventure, Adult, Comedy, Action, Drama, Fantasy, and so many others.

In addition, you can read various manga in various languages for free. It offers manga in a wide range of languages including Spanish, Korean, English, Chinese, and many others. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this interesting website, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything about this manga reading website. 

About 1st Kiss Manga

About 1st Kiss Manga
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We already know that this is a great website to read manga for free. In fact, it has a large collection of both classic and modern manga. The simple interface and the age-appropriate sections on this website make it easy for readers to read manga smoothly. 

One might suggest that there are various sources like Konbini selling manga. However, these are not available in English. It is here that this website comes in handy and provides manga in various global languages. Here you can read any manga of your choice here and that too for free. 

Safety And Legal Issues

Safety means safety from viruses and malware. Therefore, in this regard, the website seems safe enough, as it does not have any viruses. However, if you ask about the legality of this website then let me inform you that it is not a very legal site for reading anime. There are some nations which have legalized such websites. While there are some other nations which have declared these sites illegal. Therefore, it is always better to use a VPN for your safety purpose. 

Safety And Legal Issues
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There are some features of this website which have attracted numerous people to it. These are as follows:

  • It offers free access to a lot of manga.
  • This website has a large collection of manga and the developers update the database regularly.
  • Manga on this website is available in various languages like Spanish, Korean, English, Chinese, and many others. 
  • The interface is great and user-friendly. 


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This is a website which provides high-definition anime and manga. In addition, this website also hosts a large collection of videos and music. Its interface is well categorised into various parts and the developers update the database on a regular basis.


ZinManga is the ultimate destination for manga fans. Here you will not only get a large and updated collection of complete manga, but also you will get news and updates about the manga world. It is also very fast to load content and has a well-compartmentalised catalogue. 


This website is also a nice place to read all the classic and latest mange episodes, as well as books. It has a fast and simple user interface and is also a secure site for reading manga online. 


If you are looking for a virus-free, safe and well-reputed website to read your favourite manga, then MangaSY is the perfect choice for you. In addition, it has zero ads. Its library is large and varied, which you can access for free. 


It does not only feature manga but also webtoons. The print quality of the manga on this website is really clear and distinct. Moreover, it has a huge collection of manga that you can access for free.

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