How to Create a Guest Friendly Space

How to Create a Guest Friendly Space

If you love to entertain guests in your home, then you know how important it is to design a space that is perfect for making guests feel relaxed, at home, and ready to enjoy an afternoon or evening is fun. The question is, how can you create the ideal guest friendly space?

It might seem difficult at first glance, but it’s actually quite a bit easier than you’d think. In this post, we’ll cover two main topics: how to create a guest-friendly entertaining space, and how to create the perfect guest bedroom for when guests come to stay a while. Read on and decide what you can implement in your home to start entertaining the right way.

Setting up an exciting entertainment space

If you’re looking to make a fun-ready guest space, there are a few different features of the room that you should focus on to ensure that the room is inviting, exciting, and the perfect place to get the party started.

A great table

It all starts with a great table. Think about some of the most fun, heartwarming, and memorable evenings you’ve had: many of them likely took place seated around the dining table, laughing over drinks after a great meal. That’s why investing in a great table is an absolute must for your event space.

Designer’s tip: Round tables are some of the best options. Why? Because they foster an environment where everyone can turn and look at each other equally, and nobody is left with the awkward job of sitting at the head of the table.

Comfortable furniture

Comfy furniture is another must-have for any entertaining space. Think about it: you definitely want to be able to sit back and be comfortable while having an exciting game night with friends, listening to stories, or sharing drinks and jokes with friends.

Choose comfortable, durable options like Lexington furniture to help your guests feel relaxed in your guest space for years to come! Here are some furniture pieces you should prioritize investing in:

Get creative, and find the furniture that fits your space!

Dazzling décor

Setting the right mood should be your next goal. Now, that doesn’t exactly mean rave lights and a disco ball – unless that’s your thing, in which case, go crazy! – but it’s still important to build a space that says to your guests, “yeah, we like to have a good time.”

Fun decorations, elegant mood lighting, and a cohesive design scheme can all contribute to an atmosphere that is ready for fun.

Crafting the ideal space to relax

Next, if you’re inviting guests over to stay, it’s important to make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. The key is to build the ideal guest bedroom.

The perfect bed

Toss out the old futon and give guests the treatment they deserve: a plush memory foam bed, cozy nightstands, and a comforter that you can easily cuddle under.

Remember to give your guests plenty of options, too:

  • Flat pillows and fluffy pillows, with options in memory foam, down, and down alternative
  • Plenty of blankets to choose from, like big fluffy comforters and thinner throw blankets
  • Soft, high-thread count sheets for a soothing, silky sleep

We all know how hard it can be to fall asleep in an unfamiliar bedroom. That’s why curating the ideal bed experience for your guests is essential to making a guest-friendly space.

Soothing atmosphere

Lastly, help you guests feel relaxed in their space by creating a soothing atmosphere. Make sure the guest bedroom offers plenty of privacy, has soft lighting for winding down in the evening, and welcoming decorations that make them feel like they can truly unwind while spending time in their space.

Trust us, once you’ve paired the ideal entertaining space with a beautiful guest bedroom that’s made to please, you’ll have guests practically banging down your door wanting to hang out with you and spend the night. All it takes is creativity, the right vision, and a few carefully selected pieces of furniture! What are you waiting for? Start renovating your guest space today.