The Ultimate Guide to 5 Top Cars for College Students!

Cars for College Students

Cars can be very expensive for students. However, there are some cars which are cheaper than the others. These cars are perfect for students who want a car for themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that these cars are cheap in looks and performance. The cheap cars which come at affordable rates can come within the budget of a college-going student. This blog post is like a quick guide to 5 cheap cars for college students.

Things to consider when purchasing a cheap student-friendly car


When looking for a cheap car for college students, the essential thing to consider is the safety features. Make sure to check out the car ratings, car models, and other key features. Safety systems should be updated as per the latest specifications. Key features such as forward collision warning, automatic brakes, and blind spot monitor are vital in keeping the car safe while driving on the road. Many models have the latest safety mechanisms.


You must consider certain factors while buying a student-friendly car. Are you buying the car only to go to school? Or, you intend to drive long distances like trips and picnics. You can consider car rental under 21 that offers great cars at attractive rental rates. Are you purchasing the car for the post-graduation ceremony or to attend interviews? All these factors can influence your purchase. Do you intend to use the car even after your graduation? These are the motives that you should ask yourself before you buy a cheap student-friendly car.

Gas Mileage

Whenever you buy a student-friendly car you should consider the fuel efficiency of the model. You should consider the mileage that a car can give and make it very fuel efficient. The car should have an efficient and superior engine, excellent suspension system, and fuel type. Does the car have an automatic or manual transmission? Is it a sedan or an SUV model? What is its resale value? All these should form part of your checklist before you buy a student-friendly car.


Even in cheap cars for college students, there are sensors that alert drivers. These sensors are given in the car to make the driving experience safer and more enjoyable. Sensors for collision prevention and driver fatigue alert drivers beforehand so that they get time to control the car. The alarms are in the form of seat belt vibrations or sound alarms.

Adaptable headlights

College-going students can learn all the driving but situations arise when they may have to drive on a dark road with no lights. At such times, driving becomes tough and challenging. Modern cars come with adaptive headlights that turn with the car. This enables the driver to see the curvature of the road and the road itself properly at night.

Features of a student-friendly car

You can look into some of the main features of a car when buying one. Cheap student-friendly cars do come with some features which are there even in more expensive car models. These features that are most useful in buying a cheap car for college students are shown below.

  • Fuel economy
  • Safety features
  • Size and maneuverability
  • Convenience features such as hands-free controls

The best types of cars for college students

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is surprisingly so very affordable and comfortable to drive. It has a large cargo area and students can take their camping equipment when going on camping trips. Toyota Prius is very eco-friendly and it also gives great mileage. It is fuel efficient and saves gas and visits to the gas station. This is one car which is so comfortable to drive.

Volkswagen Jetta

The best thing about Volkswagen Jetta is its sleek design that students love. But other factors are equally important. The fuel efficiency it offers is unbeatable. It has safety features that make driving more of a pleasure than trouble. It offers the latest technological features like hands-free driving.

Honda CR-V

The impressive features that are packed in this elegant SUV are enough to make it a top favorite for students. It has ample room for students to take their friends, gear, and luggage for campus visits, and trips. It has safety features that are great for driving on slippery roads, and snow. It has all-wheel drive safety features and others like adaptive cruise control, a lane departure warning, automatic high beam headlight that makes this one of the safest cars to drive.


Speaking of convenient and cheap cars for college students we can surely include the Mazda3. The car comes packed with the latest features like the Mazda Connect infotainment system. It is a compact car which fits easily in a parking space. It has room for 5 passengers and is fuel efficient and affordable. Students who want to learn manual transmission and learn how to drive a stick shift can consider the Mazda3.


These factors are among the most talked about ones that should be considered when buying a cheap car for college students. This quick guide will also serve as a guide to some of the best cars which are available for college students. Safety features, fuel efficiency, and reliability are the main factors that have to be taken into consideration. However, the price and design also form the major influence on the decision to buy cheap cars for college students.

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