Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips and Tricks When Playing Archero

Playing Archero

The game Archero has been pretty famous since its development and launching in 2019 on IOS and Android smartphones. With more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store alone, this game can be considered one of the best and most popular free-to-play games worldwide.

It might be popular, but some do not even know what this game is and how to play it. 

If you are curious about wanting to learn more or have been practicing playing the game, you’ve come to the right place. We will give some beginners guides, tips, and tricks before fully understanding the Archero tier list for heroes, weapons, and other equipment to become a master of the game.

1. Recharge Your Game Energy

Like most free-to-play games, Archero needs game energy as a payment to play a campaign chapter that will last until you die. You need at least five energies to play a single campaign, and it will naturally recover by 1 point after a dozen minutes. You need to wait for 4 hours to recharge your energy bar fully. Interestingly, you can get extra energy by watching some ads, purchasing on the in-game store, or getting it in the game as loot when defeating enemies.

2. Understand Your Enemy

Knowing your enemies means knowing their capability and strength for you to come up with the proper strategy to defeat them. Various enemies have different ways to attack you. Some may directly fire at you, while some may delay their attacks to surprise you and prevent you from dodging. Somehow the others may attack diagonally to confuse and restrain your movements. Of course, it may take some time before you can fully understand the game from the start. But playing more games will make you a better player after every game.

3. Choose the Best Ability Early On

Every time you level up, you can have an option to enhance your hero’s ability to survive the game longer.

Here are the recommended abilities that you must prioritize as a beginner:

  • Bloodthirst: by killing enemies, you can restore some of your health.
  • Ricochet: fired arrows can bounce from one monster to another.
  • Attack speed: faster attacks mean a quicker way to get rid of your enemies.
  • Blaze: Extra damage to enemy monsters.
  • Front Arrow: giving you an additional arrow whenever you fire.

4. Move Your Heroes to Avoid Attacks

Remember that you always have limited health in the game. Try avoiding the enemy’s projectiles by continuously moving while standing still from time to time to launch your attacks against them. Try to understand the opponent’s attack pattern to know when you should attack and when to dodge. Limiting your damage as possible and defeating the boss is the main goal in every campaign chapter.

5. Take Cover When You Needed It

Moving away is not the only strategy you can use to dodge the enemy’s attack. Most of the monster’s attacks will surely miss if you take advantage of randomly positioned blocks as covers in every campaign chapter’s map. You must consider first your enemy’s attack since some of them can break those barriers and eventually hit you.

6. Upgrade at the Angels

Angels are tiny critters that you will naturally encounter in different parts of the chapters inside the game. These Angels will offer you different abilities you might need in your adventure, and they usually provide healing powers or other much-needed buffs.

7. Have the Devil’s Deal

Like the angels, they do a similar role of giving buffs and abilities to your heroes. But on the other hand, Devils have a particular way of being summoned, such as killing the enemy boss while maintaining perfect health. Another difference between angels and devils is that these devils will give you a massive buff in exchange for something. So it is better to think twice if you want to make a deal with this devil critter.

8. If You Die, Just Try Again

Dying in the middle of the game is not equivalent to the end of your adventure. As long as you have energy, you can always retry the unfinished chapter with other heroes and strategies to pass through these stages. Dying is an inevitable part of the game, especially for newbies unfamiliar with the enemy’s ability and pattern. But in time, you will surely overcome those stages of the game. 

9. Do the Daily Quest and Achievements to Claim Rewards

As a beginner, never underestimate the daily quest as it gives freebies such as an XP multiplier whenever you do a specific action while playing Archero. It is a simple task that will benefit your thrilling adventure inside the game by simply doing a particular objective.

Meanwhile, Achievements are milestones inside the game that you have done. Achieving a milestone is paid for by gems that you can use to revive your hero whenever you die in the middle of the game. You can also use gems to buy new heroes and equipment as you progress through your adventure.

10. Avail the Beginners Bundle

Archero is a free-to-play game, but that does not mean that you cannot pay to buy extra help and boost. If you have some bucks that you can spend on this game, try having the beginners bundle that offers you 300x gems, 10,000 gold coins, and 5x free revivals for only USD 1.99. A pretty decent deal, right?

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And that is it for our beginner’s tips and tricks for newbies like you in the game, Archero. It might help you in the early part of the game but always remember that if you want to master this game, there is no better way of doing it than simply practicing as often as you can while improving your skills, equipment, and heroes. Archero regularly updates its game, so always watch out for new items and other upgrades that you can maximize to enhance your game. If you want to learn more tips about different games, visit!