JustForex trading company

JustForex trading company

In the 21st century, trading online or offline is very common because this is the easiest way to learn and earn at the same time. There are many forex brokers on the internet that are very active and trustworthy for novice or experienced trades. 

What is JustForex? 

JustForex is an online broker that helps you to earn on the financial level. Since it’s an international broker, it is available in many countries because every person is unique and can earn better in their way. This is a certified broker and provides you the opportunity of multiple accounts. The assistant team is also available to help the customers in problems. There are 51-200 employees in JustForex. It was founded in 2012 that means it’s a newly founded online broker. The headquarters are located in Kingstown. 

How to start a JustForex account?

To start a JustForex account, you just need to follow the common direction. You have to open a Demat account as well as the trading account that should consist of a stockbroker. After signing up an account, you have to log in to add some money to your trading account from the bank account. JustForex takes into account different countries, nations, and experiences while trading. It also offers several trading account types and with many choices of trading account. 

Top 9 Forex brokers in 2021

The foreign exchange market is the fastest and the most active market on the internet. Millions of people are working online and earning in the easiest way possible. Below is the list of TOP Forex brokers in 2021

1- IG Markets: 

IG-Markets is the client-oriented forex broker. It comes up with a vast range of trading tools. Also, it also provides you with a demo account and training information as well if you are a novice trader. That’s why, it’s safe to say that IG market is the most reliable forex broker in 2021 in the US. 

2-Saxo Bank: 

This forex broker offers you the competitive price, great trading platform, research, and trustworthy customer service. 

3-CMC Markets: 

This is the globally trusted forex broker so far. The pricing is excellent and offers are beneficial. CMC markets have great quality services. 

4-Interactive Brokers

Interactive broker is another reliable broker with many tools and features. These features and tools allow you to have a good trading experience. This broker is also awarded many awards and it also got 5 stars in the online trading market. 

5-TD Ameritrade:

The desktop application comes up with brilliant functionality and design. This broker has been working widely for over 40 years now. The reason why it’s managed to maintain its position is it’s highly qualified services. You can trade and invest trusting this forex broker. 

6-City Index: 

City index also provides you with the opportunity of a mobile app. If you are a new traders then you can do some research and can also learn. 


XTB provides you with the best customer service and a great platform to learn and earn at the same time. 

8- Forex.com

Forex.com avoids non-essential commission expenses and accepts payments as well withdrawal of money through the bank and payment cards. Forex.com also provides algorithm trading and you can use advisors if they are available. 


eToro is the award winning forex broker that is famous for its copy trading platform. It also contains many instruments and exchange trade securities. 

So these were the top 9 forex brokers in 2021 so far. All brokers are reliable and many people are successfully trading with their help.