Joe Biden Tries To Mediate A Truce Between Russia And Ukraine

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is 80 years old and wants to run for president again, but many people are worried about his age. A recent survey shows that 70% of Americans, including 51% of Democrats, don’t think he should run again. Almost half of those who don’t want him to run again are worried about how old he is.

Another Shot at Presidency

Joe Biden is already the oldest president in US history, and if he wins re-election, he would be inaugurated at age 82 and finish his second four-year term at 86. Statistically, an 82-year-old man has an average life expectancy of 6.77 years, with an 8% chance of death within the next 12 months.

Joe Biden released a video where he talks about protecting “personal freedoms” and warns against threats from his Republican opponents. However, he does not talk directly about his age. The video shows an animated president jogging and looking engaged. It also highlights Vice-President Kamala Harris, who would take over the presidency if Biden were unable to serve.

Another Shot at Presidency

Possibility of Running a Vigorous Campaign

According to veteran political consultant Bob Shrum, the best way to address concerns about Biden’s age is by running a vigorous campaign rather than talking about it directly.

Joe Biden’s age may be a problem if he makes a big mistake or trips during his campaign. The Republicans might say he’s not able to be the president anymore. Some Republicans in the House of Representatives wrote a letter to the White House last year. They said they were worried about Biden’s ability to think and asked him to take a test for dementia.

Problems in the Road Ahead

Some Republicans have raised concerns about President Biden’s ability to do his job, pointing to mistakes he has made and suggesting that he may not be mentally sharp enough. Even former President Trump has criticized Biden’s ability to speak and think clearly. Showing videos of his mistakes at political rallies.

Some political experts think that Joe Biden’s age won’t matter if he runs an active campaign and doesn’t make any serious mistakes. They also think that if Kamala Harris is highlighted during the campaign, it could help energize it.

Problems in the Road Ahead

Other Opponents

Democrats may use Donald Trump’s age. Who is only four years younger than Mr Biden, to defuse concerns about the president’s age. Jim Messina ran Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. And he suggests that voters may not be focused on the age of the candidates. But rather on who will make their lives better. 

Mr Biden also faced age-related questions four years ago. But the Covid-19 pandemic and the nature of the presidential race may have helped insulate him from those concerns. In the end, his age was not a factor in his victory over Donald Trump.


As the incumbent president, Mr Biden has advantages in campaigning. Like travelling on Air Force One and attending planned events with his security detail. This is different from what his rivals will have to face in primary campaigns, which can take over a year to win.

Most Democrats are willing to support Joe Biden’s re-election bid, despite concerns from some Americans about his age. In the past, people have underestimated Biden, but he won the primaries by a large margin in 2020.

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