What You Should Know About Your Car Mechanic

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A good, skilled and experienced mechanic ensures that your car keeps running for a long period of time thus providing you with a good value for money. As a good physician is crucial to your health, so is the good mechanic. No matter the reputation of the garage or repair shop, the real deal is its staff and certified mechanics. Whether you are an owner of a taxi, delivery van or have hundreds of company cars under you, it is crucial that you take the vehicle to a good and known mechanic to get all the auto repair services done effectively and efficiently. 

Listed below is the list of some of the essential things that you must know about your car mechanic:-


A skilled, well-reputed car mechanic will proudly display his credentials, certificates, and accreditation on his website, portfolio or at their garage. He will without a second’s hesitation show it to you and even boost his expertise rightfully so. Don’t trust a car mechanic who is hesitant to provide you the same.  It is imperative that your car mechanic has evidence of his training, skills, and expertise. You don’t want to trust an inexperienced novice in your car.


You must be well aware of the experience of your car mechanic. He should have years of training and experience in fixing & repairing different car models and make. Experience matters a lot. Don’t trust the mechanic with your costly vehicle who has no experience at all and is just a newbie.

Warranties/ Guarantees

You should know whether the mechanic you are going to hire offer any type of warranty or guaranty on the repairs made or not. Also, whether they provide their own parts or not? If they are offering a warranty then ask for the written proof of the same.

Area Of Specialization

It is essential to know the area of specialization of your mechanic. Check whether he specializes in engine, body paint or brakes. Also, always go for a specialized mechanic so that you know for sure that the repairs are done to perfection.


Usually, people think that a cheap mechanic offer below the par service and an expensive one offers the best service which is not always true. Try to hire that car mechanic who offers services at a reasonable price and has a good reputation and proven track record. 

AAA-Approved Auto Repair Network

Check whether your mechanic is AAA approved and has passed his AAA inspection or not. Moreover, ask them whether they provide free quotes or estimates? Is there any type of car inspection for which you will need to pay or not? Also, don’t forget to ask them their timings of operation and different labor charges at different times. Ask them to show you their payment policies and whether they guarantee their estimates or not?


Before giving your car to the mechanic, it is essential that you ask them all these vital questions and have profound knowledge about them.

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