Benefits of getting a Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma is a very in-demand certification that many still don’t know about. Getting the Six Sigma certification will make you the ideal candidate in many hiring managers’ eyes. Not only that, you will get that promotion you have been after in a matter of minutes.

Six Sigma is a business management methodology many organizations adopt in their business strategy. But for them to do it perfectly, they need an expert in the matter on their team. This is where your lean six sigma certification will help you be the on-site expert.

When you have trained for the Six Sigma certification online or in a classroom setting, it will make you an expert in the Six Sigma methodology. The training course will teach you all the techniques and tools used. Plus, it will also give you projects to complete, which will help you gain some hands-on experience and practical knowledge. So if you’re passionate about solving business problems with a highly analytical approach, you should get the six sigma training today.

Let’s look at the benefits of a six sigma certification:

Benefits of a Lean Six Sigma Certification

So now that you know how vital lean six sigma training is, you might want to know all the benefits of this certification. So here are the top 5 benefits of Six Sigma certification:

  • Increase in efficiency

Six Sigma methodology helps organizations understand and solve business problems while they’re still small and manageable. This increases efficiency and prevents businesses from getting stuck in the later part of the production.

  • Reduction in errors

Due to Six Sigma, there is an improvement in the quality of work. The increasing work quality means there are lesser errors made. Even when mistakes are made in any part of the process, they are detected instantly, and efforts to correct them are started immediately.

  • Legally less risky

A lot of methods that reduce human efforts are expensive. And the ones that aren’t expensive are legally questionable. But that’s not the case with Six Sigma. This practice is not only cost-cutting but also legally safe. You can even get out of paying legal fees when you’re maintaining all the standards in your business.

  • It can be applied to all industries

No matter which industry you are in. You can use the knowledge from your six sigma certification in any project. For example, professionals from finance, healthcare, and even customer service use the learnings of the Six Sigma methodology during managing projects.

  • Salary increment

Advancing in your career means reaching a better position and earning better. When you have some training that your competitors don’t, you have an advantage over them, and that expertise you hold can turn out to be the reason you get a better salary.

The six sigma green belt salary has gone up from $98,073 in 2018 to $110,500 in 2022. And the green belt is still one of the elementary levels. Plus, the six sigma certification costs start at $117/ month.

Different levels of Lean Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma levels are indicated by the colors of belts, similar to how they do in Karate. When you move up the levels, you get a different color belt. The levels start at white and move up to a champion belt.

Let’s see all the levels of the belts and how they work differently:

  • White Belt

The White Belt is the most basic level of Six Sigma certification. The individual with the white belt level of Six Sigma certification will be considered knowledgeable enough to help experts find solutions to business problems.

  • Yellow Belt

By clearing the yellow belt, an individual gets more of an understanding of the Six Sigma principles, and now they can be trusted to come up with an excellent solution using the methodology on their own.

  • Green Belt

This is the most common level of certification sought by individuals interested in Six Sigma training. The green belt indicates an advanced understanding of the program and better experience in an industry with Six Sigma.

The six sigma green belt salary is also more than the other color belts before them. And it only increases from there.

  • Black Belt

A green belt-level professional can advance in the Six Sigma certification and achieve the black belt. And once they become a black belt holder, they work under the master black belt and help them with advanced projects that need the application of Six Sigma principles.

  • Master Black Belt

A master black belt holder has been working on projects with Six Sigma for a long time. They handle projects that rely heavily on Six Sigma’s principles and methodologies.

An individual with a master black belt is also responsible for supervising the employees with the green belt and black belt levels of Six Sigma training.

  • Champion

Reaching the champion level in the Siz Sigma certification takes a lot of hard work and experience. Champions in Six Sigma are the decision makers of whether or not a project will be successful after using the Six Sigma methodology. They are also responsible for implementing the Six Sigma program in various departments in a company.

So, to conclude 

Whether a fresher or an experienced employee, you need to get the Six Sigma certification if you are passionate about businesses and making them work in a problem-free environment. The only way you can guarantee the success of your projects and company is by adopting the Six Sigma methodology.

Many businesses are adopting this methodology to ensure that their projects run smoothly. Even having basic training makes you stand out from the crowd.

The benefits of a Six Sigma certification are that it increases efficiency by reducing the number of errors in the manufacturing process. Plus, it is cost-effective, and also you can use the learnings in any industry you go in.

If you want to enroll in a Six Sigma training program or certification course, contact us: 1800-212-7688. We will be happy to assist you with any information or career guidance related to the topic,

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