Real Estate License: How To Obtain & Work In California?

Real Estate License

A Realtor license in California is an excellent method to get started on the path to financial success.

They assist clients in locating their ideal houses, first homes, holiday homes, and reduced homes.  Realtors also assist in the sale of homes. Becoming a realtor is an exciting and lucrative career choice for the appropriate individual. They are aware of the job’s seemingly endless earning potential, workplace flexibility, and other benefits.

Like some occupations, necessitates education, it also requires some training. You have to have its license. Continue reading to discover more about realtor license California.

 Getting Real Estate Salesperson License In California –

You can work as a realtor in the state if you have a real estate license. The qualifications for obtaining a real estate salesperson license in California are determined by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). In general, you must first complete a real estate course from an accredited institution to submit your application. Following that, you must study, take, and pass the real estate test. The procedure can take as little as fifteen weeks on average, although it can take longer for certain people. 

Factors That Determine The Procedure Duration –

  •         What is the minimum number of course hours required in your state?
  •         Whether you want to learn from an online real estate school or in a classroom
  •         Time of state application procedure 

Educational Requirements –

Educational requirements might be rather different from one state to another. The education requirement to appear for the real estate test is significant in certain states. The majority of states ask for a certain number of hours of specific courses, from a certified real estate school. 

 How To Get a Realtor License In California?

You may get your real estate salesperson license in California in five easy steps:

That’s it!

You’ll be an active agent ready to start the real estate career once you’ve completed all five phases.

  • Meet The Certain Requirements

For obtaining a real estate license in California, you must be at least 18+ years old and must be eligible to work within the States. 

  • Enroll Yourself In An Accredited Real Estate School In California

Once you are qualified for the license, you are required to enroll in an accredited real estate school.

The school educates you on the salesperson pre-licensing material approved by the DRE. Besides that, you have to complete 3 courses in total –

Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Principles, One elective course

Once you have completed each course, you will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate works as proof that you have enrolled and passed all the required tests. These courses must be completed in a year of the enrolment date. After these course certificates, you can apply for the real estate exam in California.

  • Apply For The California Real Estate Examination

For that, you may require to send in an application with the following data – A valid photo ID, Live-scan forms, Certificates of the licensing course, Completed DRE forms, and State exam fees.

You must pass a live scan background check in order to take the real estate test. This background check will reveal any criminal past, it determines whether you are qualified to work as a real estate salesperson in California.

The greatest thing you can do the job, even if you have a criminal background – you just have to contact the DRE and be open and honest about it.

  • Pass The California Real Estate Exam

You can schedule your state exam testing date once your application has been accepted.

The state test is quite difficult. You must pass with a score of at least 70% or above. Some institutions provide additional materials to assist you in passing the state test. These courses will provide you with in-depth course recaps and test-taking methods.

  • Make An Agreement With A Broker

The DRE will email you a copy of your real estate license when you pass the state exam. You have the option of choosing which brokerage you want to interview with. It’s off to the races when the real estate firm recruits you, and you may begin this exciting new profession.

It’s simple to get an interview with a real estate agency. All you have to do is call the brokerage and inform them that you are a freshly licensed agent interested in collaborating. Some real estate colleges can even put you in touch with a reputable agency.

How Long Does A Real Estate License Survive?

You will receive your real estate license once you have completed the real estate course and passed your exam. This license is valid in California for four years from the date the DRE approves your application. Make sure you keep track of your real estate license’s expiration date so you can renew it before it runs out.

60 days before your expiration date, the DRE will send you a reminder letter. That notification will be sent to your registered address, so be sure the DRE has your current address.

What Is The Procedure For Renewing My Real Estate License?

In order to renew your realtor license in California, you must complete the appropriate continuing education courses and pay the fee. California’s real estate license renewal fees will be different for a salesperson and broker. You’ll also have to fill out an application for renewal. It can be done by mail or on the website. You can renew your real estate license in California through the e-Licensing online system as well. It is paperless and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When Can A Realtor License In California Be Renewed?

A real estate salesperson’s license can be renewed up to 90 days before the expiration date. If your renewal application is postmarked or your e-Licensing transaction is reported as complete before the expiration date, it is deemed “on time.”

California Real Estate Salesperson License

California real estate salesperson license is valid for four years from the date of issuance. You can renew late, but you must retain your real estate license in good standing if you want to continue practicing as a realtor.