Five Marketing Campaign Ideas That Customers Will Engage With

Marketing Campaign Ideas

Consumer engagement is one of the most important business metrics there is in today’s day and age. This is because of the way in which things like the internet, social media, and other forms of smart technology have become further and further integrated into our everyday lives. Consumers are constantly being bombarded by incoming forms of media and advertising all vying for their attention. From content-marketing that umbrellas the internet and social media platforms to the advertisements on streaming platforms and mobile-games, and of course all of the marketing and advertising consumed at sporting events, concerts, and other forms of live-entertainment. 

Marketing Campaign

As such, businesses and brands need to find effective strategies that bolster consumer engagement and help them keep the attention span of the consumer. In turn, this leads to higher conversion-rates, higher sales, better brand awareness, and of course – higher levels of consumer engagement. Below are some of the popular marketing campaigns that are often used to boost consumer engagement with a brand in the modern era.

A New Product or Service Launch

Another engaging campaign that seems to work without fail is a new product or service launch. These campaigns can start with an announcement. A good way for companies to announce their newest product or service is through a mass text

Mass text campaigns have a fairly high open rate, SMS marketing campaigns in general are typically good strategies for boosting consumer engagement. 

Making Use of Content Marketing

First on the list is content marketing. Content marketing can take on several shapes and forms, but it is undoubtedly one of the best types of campaigns to boost consumer engagement. This is because that is the prime goal of content marketing. Where other marketing campaigns are focused on actual sales-actions, content marketing is simply focused on attracting and retaining the attention of the consumer while providing some type of value. 

The type of value that content marketing offers the consumer can be completely different based on the brand, the industry, and the purpose of the content. For instance, some content marketing campaigns are designed to be educational and informative so that consumers are more knowledgeable about a specific topic or series of topics. Other forms of content marketing are aimed at pure entertainment and are designed to build a specific brand-identity or personality. 

There are a plethora of ways to effectively use content marketing as a part of the overall sales, advertising, and marketing plan and some are extremely easy to implement as well. Blogging, for instance, is a really great way for brands to connect with consumers without constantly trying to sell their products or services. If the consumer is already on your website or social media page, they likely already know what type of products and services are available. 

Giveaways and Contests

Classic marketing campaigns that always land well with consumers are giveaways and contests. These types of marketing campaigns are historically successful because they truly get the consumer involved in the activity. When there’s a giveaway involved, it sparks excitement, conversation, and a little bit of friendly-competition which can all do well in spreading brand awareness. 

Furthermore, these contests and giveaways can have a social media component to them. That way, if someone wants to participate, they also end up sharing the information across their social media accounts. Giveaways and contests can also be promoted through a mass text, which makes it easy for consumers to share it with even more of their circle. 

If you’re really looking to stir up some buzz about your business and engage your consumers, try developing a strategic giveaway. 

Informative and Educational Campaigns

Informative and educational campaigns don’t necessarily have to involve content marketing to be effective. There are a variety of different ways that organizations can approach an educational campaign, but these are a great starting point. 

An educational campaign can be the perfect way to connect with consumers while simultaneously raising awareness and driving sales actions. 

Making the Most of the Holidays

Sometimes the simplest marketing plans are the best marketing plans. Holiday campaigns are successful year-after-year for a reason. The variety of seasonal holidays that take place lay the groundwork for a plethora of easy marketing campaigns. 

These campaigns can be sales and deal-driven, and simply work to inform the consumer about the potential savings they could realize by acting on the holiday sale while it’s still active. Some companies will even use exclusive sales through a mass text during the peak holiday sales seasons in order to create additional consumer loyalty to their brand specifically. 

A Few Final Thoughts on Engaging Campaigns

There are a wide variety of ways to create customer engagement in our highly digital and virtual world. From creating and generating content, to sending out a mass text, running giveaways, and providing high-quality educational or informational material. 

No matter how you decide to approach your customer engagement strategies, keep in mind that the modern consumer prioritizes the customer experience from start to finish. As such, providing quality and value should always be at the top of the priority list for any modern company looking to stay competitive and win the good grace of the consumer.

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