Dumpor – Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously #2023


Dumpor is a free and anonymous Instagram, Reels, Posts, and Stories viewer. Yes! You have the option of seeing your feed in private. People who prefer not to be swept away with ads or other distracting stuff yet wish to stay up to date on the newest updates may enjoy this choice. It also has a search function that allows you to browse for certain individuals or topics in your feeds. Find out more by reading this article.

What is Dumpor?

This app lets you monitor your Instagram profile. You could learn something about your account and other facts by using this free tool that uses a method. Dumpor compares your account’s social media performance against that of your competitors.

It demonstrates, among other things, which content types are most efficient, which have the most loyal fans, or which pieces generate the most likes, comments, and shares.

This data analysis tool for geeks & digital marketers allows users to analyse their social media accounts in order to better their marketing efforts. A better knowledge of the client might lead to more effective advertising. Using tools to analyse account data, you may identify areas for improvement. You could also apply the tool to find new strategies to expand your online presence.

The purpose of the software was to improve user experience & security when browsing social media. You can get it for free on both iOS and Android phones. You may use this to observe your friends’ Instagram action without initially following them. Also, you can use it to track your progress and learn how many people have seen your work.

Benefits of Using Dumpor

This program has the goal to simplify your life. It permits you to view Instagram posts inside one place, so you can keep track of all of your account’s changes or posts without needing to browse through individual postings.

It is entirely free to get and use on both the Android and iOS smartphones. To get going, launch the app, choose the Instagram account you want to browse, and then touch on the stories link in the upper left corner of the screen.

Instagram Stories

It is a fantastic tool for people who are running out of time and want to stay up with their social media accounts without spending hours reading through individual posts.

You could discover a certain Instagram post by using the It search function on the site. By inputting the name of the user you’re looking for, you may view all of their stories. You can also browse by date or use the filters to narrow down your search.

If you will not have time to go through all of the stories, the website has a “popular” option that highlights the most popular postings from each account. It is a terrific way to learn what areas people are currently keen in because it is made available with the most recent postings.

This tool is free to use and safe to use. It can also follow your posts on some other websites like Facebook and Twitter. With its help, you could see all of your posts, replies, or favourites in one place. Everyone who wants to keep Instagram in order should use it. It will make your life easier but also is simple to use.

Reasons to Use Dumpor over Other Services

You, like most others, spend a lot of time on your phone. There is always a thing to do, whether it’s browsing your feed as well as checking your messages. Furthermore, there can be times when you would rather be doing something other than this boring work.

Dumpor comes in handy in this situation. An Instagram post viewer makes your work a little simpler. It will discover the latest headlines and let you to view it immediately from the program rather than needing you to start the app and search for one.


Also, it allows you to easily download Instagram Posts clips for later viewing. It also offers a few more features that make it an ideal tool for online marketing.

On Instagram, there are several choices for video material. From short sections to live streaming, everyone can find something. Nevertheless, with so many platforms and tools accessible, it may be hard to keep pace of everything. It reaches that stage.

This saves data and is also faster and easier than searching. You can skip downloading tales if you will not need them by applying it. It saves storage space both on your phone and PC.

Other from being faster and more effective, it offers other advantages. You may, for example, comment on stories straight from the app. It is not necessary to quit the app then return to Instagram. It also has a “save for later” option that will store a story to your phone’s storage if you want to revisit it later.

Also, it is an excellent software for anyone who constantly uses their phone. It save data, has some wonderful features like reviews as well as save for later, and thus is faster and easier to use than searching for content.

Advantages of Dumpor

  • You will not be charged a penny to use all of the features. Also, since the website does not keep any of your sensitive details, there is less possibility that it would mistakenly reveal such information.
  • Another advantage when visiting this website is its ease of use. A total beginner could use this site and figure out where to begin.
  • The app also makes downloading stories, photographs, videos, and other stuff quick and easy. There are no limits on downloading.
  • When browsing someone’s Instagram account on Dumpor, the user of the account never know that you recently saw their post or took their photographs.
  • You will also be able to rapidly search through a variety of hashtags.


Dumpor, a new Instagram story viewer, makes your work easier. It’s ideal if you’re planning a Post on Instagram and want to see what the world has so far been up to. You can make use of this tool to quickly scroll through each post in a topic and check which one had the most views. To learn further about this website and its benefits then read this article.

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