Florida Residents: What You Should Do If You’re Charged With A DUI

Florida Residents

An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) in Florida can be terrifying. You may succumb to consequences following this charge depending on your arrest history. These include increased premiums, license suspension, fines, jail terms, community service, and probation.

If charged with a DUI, it is ideal to work with a lawyer to help prove your case. This way, you can avoid or reduce the charges for your case.

Read on for what to do if charged with a DUI.

Remain Silent Following The Arrest

Once an officer pulls you over, what you say will have implications against you during the investigation. The officer will document your interaction and use them in court. A Florida DUI lawyer understands that such an encounter can be intimidating and could cause stumbling over words, bringing out a stressful and nervous characteristic. Therefore, the best way to respond to this situation is to inform the officer of your desire to exercise silence as part of your legal right.

Get A Hardship License

Immediately after your Florida DUI arrest, your driver’s license is suspended, and the officer will give you a temporary license. This license allows you to drive to work and places of business engagement.

As a Florida resident, you have ten days to obtain a hardship license following your arrest. This license helps you reclaim your livelihood. This license will last 6 to 12 months of your driver’s license suspension and requires enrollment in a DUI school. You will not be eligible for this license if you were formerly convicted of a DUI, but your Florida DUI lawyer can help you in your request for reinstatement of your normal license.

Note Down Your Arrest Details

You require sufficient evidence to achieve the best results on your DUI case. Capturing the details you remember during your arrest will be helpful for your Florida DUI lawyer to prove your case. Where the police violated your rights, your Florida DUI lawyer will file a motion to suppress illegal evidence against you. The arrest details should include the following:

  • Your conversation with the police officer
  • The drink you took
  • Whether you did the Field Sobriety Test
  • Whether you took a Breath test
  • How you felt following police treatment
  • Other relevant details to the case

Hire A Florida DUI Lawyer

Hiring an attorney after a DUI charge is ideal whether you feel yours is a wrongful charge or the charges are beyond a DUI. The attorney will examine your case, gather relevant evidence, and communicate with law enforcement on your behalf. Whether guilty or not, your lawyer will employ strategies to help you get the best outcome for your case.  Your lawyer may also have you sign the waiver of appearance, saving you from continuous trips to the court as they focus on your case.

The Bottom Line

A DUI case has grievous consequences, and taking precautions after your arrest is critical. Generally, you should avoid driving under the influence. However, if caught off guard or suspected and charged, liaise with your attorney for the best outcome on your case.

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