6 Roadside Services Professional Towing Companies Offer

Towing Services

Professional towing companies do much more than towing cars, and many motorists don’t know that. Your favorite towing company offers various services that can come in handy when you experience a roadside emergency. Most towing companies offer a 24/7 customer support number, and you can call them any time you have car trouble.

This post will teach you about the various services that towing companies like SG3 Towing and Recovery offer as part of their roadside services.

1.     Emergency Towing Services

You can get emergency towing services if you are stuck at the roadside and your car needs major repairs. Depending on your needs, there are levels of towing services, from lightweight towing to heavy-duty towing. In most cases, one staff member assesses your situation quickly through a few questions to decide the best towing service. Overall, your vehicle is in good hands when you call a towing company to move a car to your desired location.

2.     Emergency Fuel Delivery

It is common for cars to run out of fuel during a long-distance trip or when you are too busy to notice that your gas tank is almost empty. You can request fuel delivery if you are out of gas and nowhere near a gas station. The gas will be delivered to your exact location in the shortest time possible so that you can get on with your journey.

3.     Emergency Jump Starts

Dead car batteries are regular occurrences during the cold season, and sometimes it happens in a parking lot away from home. A towing company comes to the rescue and helps you jumpstart your car anywhere you are stranded. Also, you don’t need to have jumping cables because the technician who comes would have cables to jumpstart your vehicle.

4.     Emergency Tire Changes

Not everyone knows how to change a flat tire or has the tools to change a tire. You can call a towing company for roadside assistance if you have a flat tire. If you don’t have a spare tire, a technician will change the tire or tow your car to the nearest garage.

5.     |Help With Lockouts

Everyone has locked themselves out of their car 1-2 times, and it’s completely normal. Towing and recovery companies always have a locksmith in their employ for such situations. You can call a towing company to get your car unlocked if you don’t know a locksmith who specializes in


6.     Off-Road Recovery

Towing companies offer various types of off-road recovery services to motorists. A towing company can recover a car after getting into a ditch or a fender bender. Also, towing companies recover vehicles that have been in road accidents and are damaged or totaled.

You can get a ride from the towing company after an accident because it’s understandable that you don’t want to drive. Overall, a towing company can assist you in moving your car from the roadside to your desired location after a minor or major accident.


Anyone who owns a car should have the number of a local towing service to call in case of roadside emergencies. Moreover, car owners should know towing companies that provide 24/7 services because roadside emergencies can happen at any time. If you are ever in Southern Utah and stuck on the roadside, you should call SG3 Towing and Recovery services for assistance.