What You Should Know About Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance
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After what seems like ages of lockdowns and restrictions, things are finally getting much better for people and for the event industry as a whole. With that said, you might be planning your wedding this year, a case in which you’ll definitely want personalized insurance.

However, you might think that it’s an expensive investment. Far from it. The upsides are far greater than the downsides, and you wouldn’t want to get caught without insurance in case a few things go wrong. So let’s look at some of the facts.

When Should You Get Wedding Insurance?

Short answer: as soon as possible. An event insurance policy can help you out with a lot of stuff, including things like cancelations and postponement (we all know how important these things were during the initial phase of the pandemic).

Wedding Insurance Helps You Cover Unforeseen Costs

Have you ever been to a wedding where you saw how desperate the hosts were when something broke or when a provider couldn’t deliver? Well, you don’t need to be in their place. With a tailored insurance policy, you can cover any type of damage to the venue, broken or stolen items, or even cover expensive legal fees in case an alcohol-related fight occurs.

You Don’t Need To Spend an Arm and a Leg on Wedding Insurance

Contrary to popular belief, wedding insurance isn’t all that expensive compared to the cost of the rest of your wedding-related things. Service providers like photographers, videographers, decorators, caterers, and so forth, will represent the majority of your event-related costs.

Insurance, on the other hand, gets you out of the mud in case any of the formerly-mentioned parties fail to deliver or do a very poor job compared to your expectations.

It’s Safer to Get Insured Than to Reschedule Without Insurance

In case of any type of emergency, a personalized insurance policy can get you out of the mud and allow you to reschedule at no extra cost. Otherwise, venues are free to charge additional fees if you have to cancel the event and reschedule for another time.

And, rarely, even the fees can vary depending on your reason. For example, indoor venues might not care that much that you’re canceling because of weather conditions, whereas an outdoor venue might go easier on you for doing so.

Cold Feet or Change of Heart? Your Insurance Might Not Cover It

It’s very important to select an insurance provider that offers you a decent price for your needs. However, if you’re not so sure about your partner’s mindset, you might want to double-check with the insurer if they cover the costs of getting stood up at your wedding. Most insurers don’t, so it’s best to ask if you’re second-guessing your partner’s true intentions.

Don’t Double-Cover Things That the Venue Already Takes Care Of

One great way of getting a better price for a personalized wedding insurance plan is to check out the things that the venue already has insurance on. That way, you’ll save a few bucks and there will be less hassle on both ends when it comes to covering those specific things.

If You’re Hosting At a Private Home, You Might Already Have Some Coverage

Backyard weddings and weddings hosted by friends or family are much easier to manage. By a long shot, even. If the specific home has an insurance policy for private events, then they might already cover personal liability and property.

Stolen gifts or misplaced heirlooms might not be covered, but could be subject to the deductible. The only thing that’s usually not covered is liquor liability, so make sure to ask if that goes into the package as well.

The Bottom Line

If you’re planning your wedding, one of the first things you should take care of is insurance. The rest will be much easier and safer to plan afterward, knowing that your investment is protected.