Sanditon Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

Sanditon Season 2

It seems that the famous British historical drama is once again back for a second season. Yes, we are talking about Sanditon season 2 which has people talking. The famous British historical drama is once again on ITV with more romantic avenues for Charlotte Heywood, the heroine of the series. This time, her sister will have certain romantic quests as well. At one point, it was looking as if we won’t get another season. However, the popularity of the show has made it possible to have the series return with another season. 

So, whether you are new to this series or a long-time fan, it doesn’t matter because you will get all sorts of details here. From the release date to the plot, what to expect, and other facts, we will share all details. So, now’s the time to dig into this article and find out about Sanditon second season. 

When Is The Sanditon Season 2 Releasing?

If you want to know the release date for the 2nd season of The Sanditon, then you are at the right place. Let us tell you that the 2nd season has released on 20th March, in the year 2022. In the UK, the series was released on 21st March. It’s an exciting adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel Sanditon. 

A Brief Idea About Sanditon Series

The news fans of the Sandition series should know a few things before watching the second season. While we do recommend you check the first season, you should also know a few other stuff. For example, the Sanditon is actually an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel. Austen was too weak and ill to hold a pen at that time properly. After completing eleven chapters and nine pages of the 12th chapter, the author Jane Austen left this mortal world. 

So, the story focuses on the heroine Charlotte Heywood who moves to Sanditon. It is a fishing village that’s going to reinvent itself into a fantastic resort. The entire show focuses on Heywood and also on the lives of the inhabitants of the Sanditon. Heywood finds herself the ambitions and the secrets of the village’s residents. 

Furthermore, one should also note that if you like romance, then you will absolutely love this series. The executive producer Susanne Simpson mentioned this before the series aired: “Fans who are craving romance and escape will find them in abundance in the new season of Sanditon, with its intriguing characters and captivating storylines.”

How Many Episodes In Sanditon Season 2?

If you want to know how many episodes the period romantic drama, Sanditon second season has, then you are at the right place. According to the sources, the second season of Sanditon comes with six beautiful episodes set in the lovely Sanditon village. 

Sanditon Season Sidnye Parker & Other Cast

A lot of people want to know about the cast of the second season of Sanditon. For example, if you want to know whether Sanditon season 2 Sidney Parker aka Theo James is back or not, then you will be disappointed to know that we won’t be seeing Theo in 2nd season. Sidney, in this period drama, has committed to marrying another woman. 

Theo has also released a statement regarding his take on Sidney Parker. He said, “Although I relished playing Sidney, for me, I’ve always maintained that his journey concluded as I wanted it to. The broken fairy-tale ending between Charlotte and Sidney is different, unique and so interesting…”.

However, this time, we will see new characters. For example, we will see Alexander Colbourne, and Charlotte’s younger sister Alison. Ben Lloyd-Hughes plays Alexander while Rosie Graham plays the role of Alison. In addition, we will also see Franke Blake as Captain Declan Fraser. 

Talking about Sanditon season 2 cast, of course, we will see the old faces here in the second season as well. For example, we have Rose Williams as Charlotte, Kris Marshall as Tom Parker, Crystal Clarke as Georgina, Jack Fox as Sir Edward, Charlotte Spencer as Esther, Anne Reid as Lady Denham, and more. 

How Many Episodes In Sanditon Season 2?
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1. Who Plays Charlotte Heywood In Sanditon?

According to the sources, it’s the actress, Rose Williams, who plays the role of Heywood in the show Sanditon. 

2. When Did Sanditon Season 2 Release?

The period drama The Sanditon second season was released back in 2022, on 20th March. 

3. How Many Episodes Are There In Sandition Season 2?

According to the reports, there are a total of six episodes in the 2nd season of Sanditon.

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