Who Is Lil Tay? Let Us Know Every Detail About The ‘Lil’ Star

Lil Tay

Have you heard of the ‘Lil’ rapper Lil Tay? We are sure that you have. In fact, all of us have wondered how that little girl is so talented? We don’t know that for sure but we are in awe of her. 

Firstly, Lil Tay was born on July 29, 2009. So we know that she is a young girl of 13 years now. Secondly, she is a very popular Canadian- American rapper, musician, social media influencer and entrepreneur. Thirdly, her fans know that her place of birth is in Atlanta, Georgia, the USA. Fourthly, we hear that she is a Christian. Fifthly, she is very famous in her native country due to her amazing songs. The cameraman shoots her videos in empty luxury homes. Lastly, her fans know that she has sung many songs with famous singers and rappers. 

Lil fans assemble, for you will know everything about your favorite star here. Keep following this piece and know more.

Things you might not know about

Did you know that Lil Tay considers XXX Tentacion as her brother? We know that there are many popular albums launched by her like Taking Risk, Ghetto poetry, Prosper 2, and Free paper. Besides, there are other works where she has collaborated with big stars.

However, her fans will know that we could not see her on social media for quite some years. She came back in 2021 and claimed that her father physically abused her.

You will be surprised to know that Lil Tay is not her real name. It’s Claire Eileen Qi Hope. She has been very interested in music since she was a child. In fact, she used to write her own raps from her school days. That is pretty impressive for such a young girl.

From our sources, we found out that she dropped out of school to chase her passion for music. In fact, for her talent, Lil Tay got a huge fan following in the music industry. 

More about her

Let’s know some more facts about her.

  1. Nickname – Lil Gucci Taylor, Lil Tay Cosgrove, Lil Tay jetski, Lil Tay Tervali
  2. Current residence – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  3. Ethnicity – Mixed
  4. Zodiac sign – Leo ( no wonder she is passionate, determined and energetic).
  5. Religion – Christian
  6. Education – she dropped out.
  7. Mother – Angela Tian
  8. Father – Christopher John Hope.

According to our sources, Lil Tay’s father is a Canadian and her mother is Chinese. However, her parents got divorced after she was born.

Her father Christopher then married Richanee Alcover aka Hanee Hope. Lil also has a brother called Jason Tian. Furthermore,  She has a stepbrother whose name is Brox Hope. In 2021, Tay posted some pictures on social media showing her injury marks given by her father. She also raised a GoFundMe page on social media for fighting the custody case against her father.

Some pictures of her father and stepmother were posted. And they had to face some accusations from the public. “Chris Hope and their wife Hanee Hope have been living a lavish lifestyle and going on vacations all on Tay’s money. This is only 1% of the pictures I could get hold of. Notice how Tay is in none of them. They have abused Tay her whole life and now they are living off the millions they stole from her.” If these claims are true, we are so sorry for the budding star. Nobody deserves this treatment. And to think this was done by her own father is pathetic.

Fans thought she was dead!

Suddenly, nobody could find Lil Tay on social media after 2018. Hence, some of them thought that she was dead. However, in April 2021, suddenly there was a social media post on her handle which said, “We have bad news about Tay.” And that is when we got to know that she was abused by both of them. We hear that she was locked in a closet, beaten and made to watch horror movies. Besides, her father took all her money.

Songs and raps and net worth

Let’s talk about some of her songs. The Niggas, Bullshit, Classic Tay, Never fold and Beautiful Girls. Furthermore, she has contracts with CCF, The Lambo, 2 Real rappers Tay and Uptown studios.

According to our sources, her net worth is around $ 2 – 3 million USD.

Ending note

We hope that Lil Tay can erase the memory of the harassment from her mind. She is very young now and she has many things to achieve in life.