OnDemandKorea and Other Sites Where You Can Watch K-Dramas Right Now


OnDemandKorea is one of the top streaming platforms where you can watch your favourite Korean series. But fortunately, it is not the only one. We offer many such platforms if you want to start this weekend with a binge-watch session. Moreover, these are entirely hassle-free and legal to use. You will not have a single problem while using them. User-friendly, interactive and blessed with variety, here are our top picks for K-drama streaming platforms. 


If you want to watch the latest Korean shows and movies, try OnDemandKorea. It’s a free Korean streaming app for K-dramas, but it doesn’t have English subtitles anymore. It’s still a legal app with the latest Korean dramas available for Android and iOS. Also, OnDemandKorea drama is one of the most comprehensive lists for Korean series in the world. 


Netflix is the go-to platform for the most popular K-Dramas. You’ll find a wide selection of Korean dramas, ranging from romantic comedies to thrilling period dramas. Just search “Korean Drama” and explore the extensive collection. Netflix is the best Asian drama app, so stop here for your K-Drama fix. Also, it has a great variety when it comes to K-dramas. Something for everyone, it seems. 



Viki is a free Korean drama app that offers a vast collection of top-notch K-dramas, Asian TV series, movies, variety shows, and music performances. The great thing is you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies online for free, without any ads. You can also subscribe to Viki Pass for exclusive ad-free HD content.


If you want to explore live streaming of Korean entertainment, try KORTV. It offers a wide range of high-quality movies, shows, and programs. You can download your favourite shows to watch later, making it a great free Korean drama app. The app also keeps track of your viewing history and allows you to create a “see later” folder. It’s available for download on Android and iOS devices.


If you want a premium Korean streaming service, try Kocowa. It offers classic dramas, variety shows, and K-POP from major broadcasters. You can watch the latest episodes for free within 24 hours after they air in Korea. The app also saves your progress across devices so you won’t miss a thing. Download the app for free from any leading service providers. Once you download and tune it to stream content according to your choice, you are set for a great time. 



If you love Korean shows, check out Viu. It’s a popular smartphone app where you can watch thousands of your favourite Korean shows. It has a big fanbase and offers shows in multiple languages with subtitles. Viu is the best Asian drama app with a wide variety of shows to enjoy.


If you want to watch Asian movies and Korean shows, try AsianCrush. It’s a free app, but you’ll see commercials. To enjoy shows without ads, you can upgrade to the premium version for a small fee. It offers more convenience and ease of streaming. What’s more, you will get a variety of shows here from the romance, thriller and action genres. 


For those seeking a free app to watch Korean dramas, iFlix is a great option. It offers a wide selection of dramas in various genres, such as romance, comedy, and horror. You can stream your favourites without any payment. Additionally, there are premium features available to enhance your streaming experience.


These Korean drama apps provide a convenient and immersive way to enjoy your favourite Korean dramas anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re a dedicated K-drama fan or looking to explore this captivating genre, these apps offer a treasure trove of entertainment.

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