Is Frasier Leaving Netflix? Things To Know About The Series

Frasier Netflix
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There’s no doubt about the fact that Frasier is one of the best Netflix series you can watch right now. But Frasier leaving Netflix news is unfortunately true. Yes, the famous show is finally leaving one of the most famous entertainment platforms.

So, the fact that the NBCs show Frasier is leaving or departing from this platform, it’s time to know a few important stuff about the show. Moreover, you should also know why the show is leaving in the first place. So, why’s the show leaving, and where it will stream next, you will get to know all the details here.

If you want to know more about this show, then it’s time to follow this article. Here, we will tell you why the show’s leaving and other stuff as well. 

An Overview Of The Frasier Series

Is Frasier leaving Netflix? Well, it seems that way, but before that So, before we talk about the show itself. According to the sources, Frasier is a very famous US Sitcom that was broadcast on NBC for around 11 seasons. First premiered back in 1993, on 16th Sept, the show ended on 13th May 2004. So, we should also mention that it was David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee produced the show. 

If you want to know about the show, then let us just briefly explain what this show is all about. So, Frasier actually revolves around the character Frasier Crane who returns to his hometown, Seattle, Washington, after the end of his marriage. So, as a single man, he now plans for his new life. 

Moreover, he also had to take in his father, Martin, who is a retired Seattle Police Department detective. After that, he and his father, Martin, conduct a few interviews to hire a physical therapist and caregiver for Martin, or Frasier’s father. 

An Overview Of The Frasier Series

Why Is Frasier Leaving Netflix? 

The question is, will Frasier leaving Netflix? The answer is yes, unfortunately, it will. The sources tell us that seasons 1 to 10 will leave the Netflix platform on 31st Dec 2019. Yes, that’s a day before Friends is scheduled to be removed. In the US, Netflix was the only platform where you could watch the seasons of this series. Netflix saw the entire Frasier library back in the year 2015. Although it’s true that the show aired on NBC, we should note that actually, CBS owns this series. Lately, CBS is removing lots of its titles from Netflix. So, that’s the reason why it was quite apparent that Frasier will also meet the same end. 

Now that Frasier leaving Netflix cannot be stopped, we should also note a few things. One should know that this US sitcom was one of the most influential sitcoms as well. Moreover, if you just go through the top list of sitcoms on Netflix, then you will see the name Frasier as well.

Why Is Frasier Leaving Netflix? 

Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that Kelsey Grammer who features in this US sitcom and plays the role of Frasier appeared in a Netflix original film. So, if you are a fan of Kelsey, then you won’t have to feel too bad, because you can still watch your favorite actor’s content on Netflix. 

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