Paul Walker Quotes About Cars: The Fast And Furious Star’s Craze About It

paul walker quotes about cars

From starring in a television ad as a toddler, Paul Walker IV came a long way in his career. His famous performance is on the Fast and Furious where he stole hearts as Brian O’Conner. Paul walker is not only a good actor but an excellent human being. Apart from his movie career, he did various charitable activities. 

Further, as a car lover, Paul walker had many cars. His interest was to drive various sports cars as he did in Fast and Furious Movie. The unfortunate death of the actor in 2013 took everyone by shock. People still mourn his loss. However, many remember the actor by his famous quotes on life. Here take a look at the top ten intriguing Paul walker quotes about cars. 

paul walker quotes about cars

Paul walker in a retro interview opens up about his love for cars 

Paul walker has always been a celebrity who openly shares his interest and thoughts on life. When playing Brian O’ Conner he speaks about many things including his love for cars. When the actor asked about his interest says that he is crazy about cars. 

paul walker quotes

The reason for this passion Paul Walker is his father. His father loved cars and always read car magazines to Paul. Not only did his father love cars but his grandfather did too. His grandfather was a racer for Ford cars. He shares that car racing and speeding is in his blood. 

Paul walker’s racing experience from Fast and Furious resonates with childhood 

Paul Walker was raised in San Fernando Valley. It is a place where high school kids and adults love to race. Apart from his craze for cars Paul Walker developed an interest in racing cars. His classmates would call him for a race after school. He says in an interview that it is exactly how Fast and Furious guys race. Paul walker’s life and the Fast and Furious movie have several connections. The actor has always been grateful to play a part that resonates with childhood. The actors talk about how the race was illegal in San Fernando Valley. His friends had only a little time to race before the cops arrive. The same incident is true in the movie where he played Brian O Conner. 

paul walker cars

Furthermore, Paul Walker did not know how much he loved imports until acting in the movie. In fast and Furious the actors were introduced to imported cars. He says that even though he likes domestic cars he is also crazy about imports. There are plenty of Paul walker quotes about cars that show how much he was passionate about them. Let us see the actors’ last tragic accident with cars. 

Know about the Popular Paul walker quotes about cars

  1. “I like Evo from too fast” It is the favorite car of the actor as it is a daily driver. Further, it is quick on track when they are set up. 
  2. “I grew up fishing and Hunting. We have always been into Archery. I have always been into cars, in my family that was the stuff we did. That is the way it was.”
  3. “I have always wanted to race, ever since I was a young boy, I think a lot of boys have.”
  4. “I am a car, crazy Guy.” 
  5. “I is an airplane hangar with 17 cars. That is not a joke. I have a half pipe in there too, you know like a ramp, Where I Skateboard. It is the ultimate fantasy”.
  6. “I think sitting down and having a conversation is the hardest thing. But the extremes? I know what it feels like to race around 90 miles and slide the car sideways. So to me, that is the first thing.”


As much as Paul Walker loved cars he would have not imagined that his last moments would be in a car. However, the celebrity is still remembered for what he left for this world. Know more about the interesting Paul walker quotes about cars from the above article.

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